Donovan Wilson: We’re Really Prepared | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kushington 316 Reply

I love this guy! You can really feel the magic with all of our rookies. It’s going to be a special year!! Work hard and never be satisfied

FLORES 22 Reply

Our starting FS by mid season book it y’all

    Mr. Dunn Reply

    SS. I think Woods has FS spot locked

    FLORES 22 Reply

    Mr. Dunn yes yes ur correct SS for Heath 💙

the new BATMAN Reply

Let’s get that ring man!

Reggie Hunt Reply

He will be starting over heath

    laidbacc9 Reply

    @Henry Hill Heath doesn’t suck he just plays better when he rotates instead of starting! Learn something !

    John Wiley Reply

    He SHOULD start opening day. But he won’t

    ETC Mob. Reply

    @Henry Hill

    Henry Hill Reply

    @ETC Mob. yes TY . I write so fast half the time

jeremy x Reply

Oh no
Dono has snagged yet ANOTHER int

CMoney Mark Reply

Let’s go Dono!


He should start over heath and iloka

    iRayos Reply

    AARON B iIoka is probably getting cut on Saturday

Tommy Gibz Reply

The toe tap after the pick though.This kid is special.

Stewart Robinson Reply

Next year he starts

Asmodeus Reply

Richard is gonna have some fun scheming with Donovan and Xavier. Both so versatile

    trizaikha Reply

    Think about the big hits & int’s coming😲😯😮

Kevin Oreilly Reply

We need a play maker like this guy! He better make the team!!!

D B Reply

He has passion for the game. I can see it. Reminds me of my grandson.

Pickup _Yourmans Reply

Cedar Grove Shreveport stand up 🔥🔥

hankashley Reply

I like this man. Glad to see him doing well.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland Reply

I like what i hear out of these guys this year.. we havent had a team that loved playing together this much in a very long time

Jake Sales Reply

I’m a long time Texas A&M fan and watched Dono play for 4 years. He’s a great athlete, tackler, and a ball hawk. Also, he is very versatile. While mainly playing safety at A&M, he also played outside linebacker, nickel corner, and lockdown corner on the outside. He also spent a lot of time covering tight ends when playing in the box. The only negative I can say about Wilson is that he never learned to duck his head when making a big hit. He must have had 8-10 targeting calls while in college. Other than that I think he is a fantastic player and will be for the Cowboys.

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