Donovan Wilson: I’ve Made Big Strides | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Verl Keeler


elias fresquez

Cant wait till he is starting


3 picks in tha PreSeason 🔥

2 Faces Of Evil

Guys a beast


I love this guy has a lot to learn but he sure is learning fast


Him and Xavier woods would be scary

    Robert Bennett

    AARON B and they WILL BE SCARY!!!
    This whole defense has NOTICABLY changed, even from last season. IDK if it’s been noticed by others but I’ve seen an obvious shift in the SCHEME & and shifting of trust between Kris’ attack style and the bend but don’t break attitude of the JG & Rod’s scheme. Kris has implemented a good mix of both philosophies and an instant ability to adjust with great depth and recognition!!!
    It’s been gradual throughout last year and has (without fanfare btw) this year been placed on the shoulders of RICHARD! And this is being done for a purpose, going unnoticed is Rod’s focus on his Rushmen and a whole lot more notable lack of mobility! His adaptation to his health and delegation of responsibilities has been even more motivating to his players than I’d ever imagine. Just watching him on the sideline last night was 😣 painful!
    The coordination in this shift has been flawless, and is clearly visible with the uncanny cohesion on this defense!
    Their leaders at every level have mirrored this example by their coaches.
    Demarcus’ line mates, Jalen with the backers, and Byron in the backfield show an absolute hierarchy which is UNDENIABLE down to the last rookie… it’s an awesome defensive team to watch and truly appreciate.
    Just my two cents….

BadCompany 2

Xavier Woods and Donovan Wilson should start together to get that connection going and BUILD even more experience

    Christopher Clayton

    like LVE/Jaylon duo, thumbs up all the way!


This man is in the 53 for sure.

kerry randals

I’m starting this Kid if I’m them coaches at the star!!!

Faheem Goree

With McGovern going on IR and only keeping 2 QBs, there should be roster space for him

    Tyler Williams

    Faheem Goree there was room on the team even if McGovern isn’t IR’d. I’d take him over Kavon and Thompson. Heath too.

Big D & Dudley tv

Heath who?

Christopher Clayton

This dude is a beast!!


He better be on the team…


#37 !!

Notorious B.U.G.

Xavier Woods & Donovan Wilson? Bro 2 stud Safety’s in 3 years both in the 6th round that’s pretty dam good if you ask me I hope this kid becomes a starter eventually

Kuda Man

Love this guy… Hes a heck of a player and he is so respectful as well… Good job Momma Wilson.

anthony tompkins

Earl thomas who?



Albert Paiz

First of all he just looks like a starting safety. Second of all I just heard Shango say this guy was PFF number 1 rated rookie in the preseason. Good job!!!

Seventh Mist

Wilson has shown more pass coverage skills in 4 preseason games than Heath has in 6 years.

    Fernando Chavez

    Real games are different… In general… But also because you play first stringers/starters….

    Hmmm, think about that for a second…. Then, go do your chores boy… Lol…

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