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Roethlisberger Power

The Bears had a fluke year.

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Cliff Hanger we have Miller and chubb

    Cliff Hanger

    @#1 Broncos fan! That didn’t help us last timeπŸ™Š

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Cliff Hanger I doubt the bears OLine is good like Oaklands if they got pushed around by green bay in Chicago

    Cliff Hanger

    @#1 Broncos fan! I hope not. Somehow I reckon we’re due for a big game all round.


    1 game unlike them us broncos fans are FUCKED stop thinking we can beat them

Lenny James

Bears going light it up…..Watch that first game was Mitch preseason…..I’m sure the ‘D’ going step it up even more just because it Vic….!!!!!

    ray ray


Cliff Hanger

I wanna see something special. You cant have 2 best pass rushers and not see something better than last week.


I hope they tackle


Duke Dawson > yiadom put in Dawson until Callahan gets ready

    5280 Highlights

    I wanna see what bausby can do hes got some great ball skills and killer catch up speed


New scheme is being implemented and it will take time to kick in. I would rather see us find a rhythm in September and take off come October. The complete opposite of what it was like with VJ πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

#BroncosCountry ❀️πŸ”₯πŸ’―


GREAT now we can’t hear the answers AND the questions good going youtube

ray ray

I think yiadom can be a good CB but he needs to be more aggressive, because hes on the wr and TE but he needs to be more aggressive and try to be dominant

Jerome Schulze

You suck as a df.. Wade phillis would have blitz and mixed it up on the raiders.. U are trash..raiders shouldnt have scored on us that is facts

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