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Josue Tejada

Thought Miami had a chance when I saw the score at halftime. But then Dallas woke up

    Mentor Tairi

    @SEAN GRIGSBY they got an ear full from Garrett during halftime. They definitely slept on the phins during the first half. Dallas legit looked like they were sleeling, but 2nd half they turned it up!!!

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    HolyJosie I notice we are definitely not a first half team and that needs to change because we have some tough games coming up and we can’t always be playing from behind, but we were flat most of the 1st half but the defense played good and then second half like u said we couldn’t stop scoring.


    john alt Too bad he’ll still be in college next year lol I guess it’s not considered tanking if y’all always suck

    Bryant 88

    @BA 😂😂😂😂🤙

    mark morgan

    @john alt I can appreciate the confidence you have in your team and wish the Dolphins the best for the future but this year lets face it, they didnt stand a chance to beat us

Emperor Palpatine

Look at the bright side. Dolphins kept it close for like 30 minutes…

    C Ramirez

    @Matthew W yea dolphins dont go in yer swamp aye? Haha jk

    Matthew W

    @C Ramirez no swamps in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

    C Ramirez

    @Matthew W Ahh, you lucky duck. Sounds like a dreamscape, i can imagine it now. You snowboarding past donkey who is grazing on some plants amiably. Fiona standing on the windswept hills with her hair streaming behind her like a brilliant scarlet tapestry ‘gainst the bright azure sky

    6363 Guard

    @Donald Trump Jr. X if that part about the interception is true, you’ve lived an extremely sheltered life and this is your first year, ever, watching American football being played. Also it helps if when giving stats, you actually know them and don’t use words lik; or something? These are the stats for the game.
    J. Rosen, 18-39, 200 YDS- DAL D. Prescott, 19-32, 246 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT. Neither is great but there is that whole 31-6 thing. Winning!

    Metra BNSF Rails

    They did in the first half mostly just didn’t keep it the rest of the way since then.

Sidney Wells

The dolphins has 133 points scored on them in 3 weeks

    America Reigns

    And averaging 5 points a game!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Boletin Bucaliu

    What u expect bro it’s the dolphins🤣

    Brandon Hare

    you have to keep in mind they had the toughest first 3 games out of anybody in the NFL. not a miami fan, but i do feel bad for their schedule so far

    Matthew Shortle

    This Dolphins team might be worse than the 76 Bucs, 08 Lions, and 17 Browns combined.


    Sidney Wells on Pace for 709 pts allowed this season…seems too low


Dolphins vs Jets about to be the worst games in NFL history.

    Django_The_ Collector

    Ever seen Steelers vs Dolphins MNF 2007

    aligned fizz

    No nothing can beat the super bowl last year

    AK V

    Can’t wait

    Matthew Shortle


    redmustang04 redmustang04

    Tank bowl

Chris Weyer

Dolphins are gonna be the first team to go 0-17. They’re gonna lose to their bye week

    Person :

    bruce lau r/whoooosh

    John-Michael Batson

    Chris Weyer they won’t even score that week lol…

    reset button

    @Billy Batson lol. Which games? Besides the Jets and MAYBE the Giants, which games do you think they have any chance at all of winning?


    @bruce lau it was a joke…

Warzoneh22a V-TEC

We struggled against the dolphins the 1st half, we gotta start taking teams seriously. Either way GG. #cowboysnation

    Buddy Scarver

    @Harvey Dent you just here trolling can’t be a real fan😂

    Joshua Wood

    @Harvey Dent Team sports include their fans simpleton, welcome to 1891.

Father Time

Miami Dolphins defenses is getting better. they allowed 50+ 40+ 30+ points in their first three games.👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    Kenny K

    @Weller Tv like the Patriots lol

    hyp 417

    Two more losses and they’ll have it figured out! Statistically speaking 👀

    Eric Taylor

    @Dallas Dee Jordan Let the playas play and the haters hate.We gon be hated on all the way to Miami.

    Dallas Dee Jordan

    @Eric Taylor yep👍

    Mark W.

    What do you expect from a team that plays in their onesies pyjamas?!


So many good throws by Rosen that weren’t caught like c’mon man.

    Dangerous Thinking

    Ty Nao Rosen played good coming from a cowboys fan

    Tyson Lagon

    Billy that Miami team has the hunger for the win. You can see it. They just gotta put it all together

    A Oh

    if he played for the cowboys with their new roster he would be a star right now.

    Khalil Grier

    Rosen looked better than fitzmagic

    Brandon Hare

    @Ty Nao Rosen actually played solid, its everything else about Miami that is bad. Their offensive line is possibly the worst in the NFL, you cant expect much from any QB in those circumstances.

bee sweez

Hope Allen Hurns in ok ,, we loved you in Dallas bro

    904 chris

    and in Jacksonville 😔 can’t believe we let em go

    Llama Cebu

    @Reign how am I wrong?

    His time with the cowboys he caught 20 passes. Please explain. Oh wait, you can’t..


    Much love and respect to A1, Brice Butler and Taco. Go Cowboys!!!

    Jake Wall

    No we didn’t.

    Dejuan Hickman

    I didn’t

Shannon Sharpe

Dak got greedy in that pick zeke was open but he wanted something deep I think when he watches the films on this game he’ll correct that

    Constructive Bytes

    Open, he was wide open and Dak looked at him before scrambling.

    dave wilson

    yeah he wanted that but yeah ite an easy correction for him

    Paul Roquemore

    @oz is higher than a cloud pick 6

    Michael Srreid

    Shannon Sharpe 6

    Ellison Lowrimore

    Shannon Sharpe one bad pass but the rest of the game was fine!


“Welcome to the 2020 NFL draft, The Miami Dolphins are on the clock…”

    Michael Michaelagnew

    lol the big question in the draft is not who will the Dolphins take but who will not be taken by the Dolphins in the first round since they have so many picks.


    @Menace The Mighty Hopefully those weapons include offense and defensive linemen.


    Jewel Clark Do you know how to rebuild? They bat drafting a qb this year



    Texas Ranger

    Lol 😆

Abdallah Hassan

Cooper was really the light at the end of the tunnel for DAK and the Cowboys.


    Abdallah Hassan coop would’ve had 100 yard game if he didn’t drop that wide open pass

    dave wilson

    @John Cena What

    Torrie Walker

    @dave wilson that’s why Dak should get all the money he can…all the hate Dak receives..romo fans are never happy with Dak. Dak is a smarter stronger QB..not stuck on always throwing to one player..that’s why he always threw pick 6s..Dallad QB for 10yrs and no ring..Dak 4yrs and has a way better chance of getting one.

    William Keller

    anything long, soft, or to his chest Cooper can catch….throw a bullet to his hands and he will drop it 9 out of 10 times, guaranteed….Cowboy fan here

ERIC Anderson

Zeke : Tony you got change for a hundred .
Tony : Naw Z I only got a hundred too .

    Jonny Ingram

    @J Goodz ummmm they both got 100 yards rushing….duh!!!

    Jonny Ingram

    @Lorraine Gonzales it’s not overpaying when the offense is performing like a well oiled machine. would you prefer players unhappy and under performing or holding out. Don’t ever own a business Lorraine, you will fail. I have to spend to make money!!!

    Lorraine Gonzales

    @Jonny Ingram 👌

    ERIC Anderson

    @J. NamWEN. I’m currently enrolled at Bringham Young adult evening classes …gigity !

    _JulIian_ C

    @Lorraine Gonzales Damn she’s still at it 😂😂

Just Dab Oxlat

Randall Cobb deserved that TD I’m honestly kinda pissed it was called back.

    johnny jacquez

    Jh0001471 yea buddy try again complete control to the ground. The announcers only made it a big deal to give Dolphin fans hope. Everyone knew it wasn’t even your team lmao that’s why they didn’t challenge it

    Franco Barron

    He is on my fantasy. I’m pissed too.


    I know that was ridiculous


    Haven’t Miami suffered enough


    Man who u telling that was a beautiful run after catch he had too!!!

Just Dab Oxlat

Boys this was embarrassing we only put up 31 🤦‍♂️

For all u people being serious it was a joke 💀


    @Perkaholic Cowboys Offensive Coordinator knows what he’s doing in my opinion. He’s showing off our run game this game so that the saints will be over prepared for the run game and underprepared for the passing game.


    They could’ve had 37 had that Cobb TD didn’t get called back.


    No, it actually is embarrassing


    We won it don’t matter

    Matthew W

    If we played like this against the pats or chiefs we would lose. Not a pretty W but a W none the less


I came here just to see the comments about the dolphins😂

Angel Jurado

Cooper really is something special for the cowboys, receiving wise. Also, can’t forget the big boy 82!!

    Euclid’s Chemical Equation

    Llama Cebu good thing you ain’t the one signing the contracts

    John Cena

    Angel Jurado he just need a mvp QB

    Sergio Hernandez

    How do you rate him vs prime dez

    Iron Goose

    That guy single handily changed Dallas’s destination last season. Dallas was going nowhere without him last year!

    James K

    Angel Jurado His route running to get separation is incredible. He’s the best in the league and makes it look effortless…

Bryant 88

Feels like the 90s again with the Cowboys 49ers and Bills being undefeated so far this season

    Kenneth Petovic



    Llama Cebu lol what are you on?

    reset button

    @Llama Cebu Jimmy Johnson > Jason Garrett is the main thing.

ibee thatoneguy

As a Raider fan I’m still happy to see Coop do his thing


    Thanks for Cobb, he is doing better with dallas for some reason


    Gruden is stealing $100M from the Raiders. Suckingass once again…

    ibee thatoneguy

    @lc0806 He did good in Green Bay too

    ibee thatoneguy

    @LMS01 can’t say I have an argument for that lol

No Name

Don’t worry Dolphins you guys can still go 13-3

    Ryan Hunnicutt

    I can see it right now…

    week 17:
    “4th and 15, Josh Rosen takes the snap, looks right, looks left, THROWS… TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!! ROSEN’S 4TH!! 63-28 Pats.

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