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Escocivo 30

Dolphins blew a 1 point lead in under 30 seconds

    Escocivo 30

    In 30 seconds, it its.

    white mamba

    @Escocivo 30 no…because a one point lead isnt something you can really blow. It’s barely a lead at all. It would be like saying someone bombed a test when they were only one point away from passing. You can’t really say that they blew it because that suggests they had the win in the bag when in reality a one point lead is very tenuous

    analgeysers 420

    when dont they lol? btw go seahawks.


    It wasn’t really 30 seconds cause they had timeouts. Plus they didn’t score a td just a field goal from 48 yards so I wouldn’t say they blew it

    Trent Becker

    Well they did lose. And they Dolphins defense gave up pretty bad coverage on 2 nice catches. Not agreeing but your not wrong in a way. Funny joke though


This a big year for Jamies he gotta Turn up and get the bucs in the playoffs

    Franswair Heard

    @Pheonixrising x exactly the league has way more inept QBs to worry about before you get to Cam ….Like Dalton(hot garbage), Jimmy G(injury prone), Cousins(mediocore), Prescott(mediocre), Flacco(washed), Eli(washed), Stafford(team success), Keenum(one year wonder) Fitzpatrick( inconsistent since Buffalo) these dude should be looked at first before anyone in the league.

    Rico Suave

    @Pheonixrising x Okay, if he gets hurt again or under performs can we agree that he’s on the decline or will you keep saying next year will be the year he plays at an MVP level?

    Pheonixrising x

    @Rico Suave If that happens then I will agree that he is on the decline and MVP is out of reach for him. Honestly I think within 5 years whether he plays well or not that he retires.

    Rico Suave

    @Pheonixrising x I think he has a season & a half for people to realize he isn’t what everybody hoped for and settle into a back up role.
    This guy is the Carmelo Anthony of the NFL.

Anthony Freeman

Rosen bout to die behind this o-line

    Boy Wonder

    Was not the olines fault.

    Soy Papi

    What else is new

    Turkuncut turkuncut21

    Absolutely not he’s getting better jus like our oline look at the new guys on our defense

    Joel Cebada

    @willie broadnex who’s your team bum


Bucs defense looks a whole lot better than last year. I know it preseason but Mike Smith was terrible. Playing that soft defense killed us in so many games

    Siddharth Korukonda

    Todd Bowles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The Meme Boi

    Trent Becker Matt Gay

    Michael Shama

    JDBass36 And this is without seeing our three most talented defensive players from last season step on the field (Levonte David, JPP, and Vita Vea)


    @Michael Shama I agree. We look so much more aggressive even with backups 5 sacks is pretty dam good so far. Imagine from actual starters

    Michael Shama

    JDBass36 yeah man, I originally thought it would take a few seasons to transition to a 3-4, but this scheme really seems to fit our current roster. Our speedy inside linebackers are perfect for blitzes. Even players I was ready to write off, like Devonte Bond, Noah Spence, and Will Gholston look way more comfortable in their new roles. Fire the cannons, were in for an exciting year


Half the points came in like the last 2 minuets

    Diet Clorox Bleach


    Fadil Sahib

    Ikr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£


    TYLER URENA super bowl all over again

    Fadil Sahib

    @TTV JAY to be honest, that’s exactly what it felt like since there was barely any points and in the last couple of minutes points were coming from both sides back and forth… I really wanted to watch the whole game, but was only able to see the score and stats(who had the ball, where it was;which yard line, and what down it was;1st,2nd,etc.)

Jeremy Pape

Matt Gay from 48
He’s Happy!

    Robert Davis

    Caught that too

    Isaiah Espino

    AQUA VIII πŸ˜‚

    Justin Meeks

    @Robert Davis he caught that load


    Jeremy Pape When he misses a kick, that last name will do him no favors.

    David Hayes

    Fun fact: Cleveland had a cornerback/returner named *Ben* Gay back in 2000. I was at a ‘Skins preseason game, and the fans were absolutely *rolling* every time his name was called.

Ethan Thompson

Rosen looked good, but my favorite play of this game was when fitzmagic trucked a man

    Ethan Thompson

    Raider AL916 defiantly Rosen because the future is a better plan. This team isn’t good, our o-line is bad. There are young players I can see being good, so throw Rosen out there and see what he make of it. Fitz can be insurance to our oline

    James Matthews

    Rosen lookd good? What game did you watch?

    Jp IsmenameYT

    Ethan Thompson Rosen was ok but his recivers dropped easy catches


    @James Matthews 10/18 comp for 108 Yards. Not amazing but most definitely acceptable.

    Millar J. Wolff

    @James Matthews the story of Rosen’s career is he makes good plays, but his team assrapes him

Jay Mar

Phins 1st defense is damn fast cant wait til week 1 to see how lj8 matches up with them already Salute ! Oh & OJ Howard is a beast

    brandon carter

    then week two verses the patriots.. guaranteed win for the pats…


    brandon carter not when it’s Miami 🀑🀑


How is Blaine gabbert still in the nfl


    @IsmokeHiphop Live hahaha are you really saying dak Prescott deserves 40 Million Here??? Lmfao wow you are so wrong IT can’t be any more ridiculous with you Here ahaha dak is really begging for Money by turning down 30 Million 🀦🀣

    Jemel Moore

    Over Kap


finally a decent kicker in TB

    vascaino depreciativo

    What is his name ?

    darknight307 PagΓ‘n

    vascaino depreciativo Matt gay

    vascaino depreciativo

    @darknight307 PagΓ‘n do you think cairo santos will have any space on a team in the league if bucs cut him ?


    @vascaino depreciativo I would say yes, he’s had a really solid camp and preseason.


    yellofury uhhhh not rly he did good tonight but I went to a open buccaneers practice and he looked badddddd

Tampa Supreme 813

A kicker in Tampa????? Thank you God


im feelin this patrick laird runningback, hes got heart and style about him that i think will make an impact

    Odarris Dhaiti

    He looks like he lacks upside. But if he can play special teams keep him. But drake, ballage, Walton, Gaskin are all better.

    Francisco Hernandez

    This guy is amazing been watching him since he has been playing at Cal he walked on and took a starting position and now playing in the NFL what an awesome kid

    Chris V

    Kenneth farrow

    LP6 Sports

    Odarris Dhaiti i agree




Hudson; a stud in the making. πŸ‘€ 🍿

Rojo; coming along. πŸ’ͺ🏼

Jameis; taking better care of the ball. 🏈 πŸ€“

Bucs O-Line; WTF?! 🀬


    Ronald jones is a bum!

    Eli Knight

    imahustla50 right bruh he trash as hell he has no elusiveness and no ball carry vision


    hudson was a beast


    Hudson was with Bruce in Arizona


    @Gwrightproductions1 No he wasn’t, the Bucs signed Hudson as an undrafted FA last year and he spent the year on their practice squad.

Manraj Singh

Are we going to ignore the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick trucked someone


    Same I was at that game I am Miami fan

    Backdrop Kid

    Fitz is a big man. I haven’t seen all his games but that doesn’t shock me.


    Manraj Singh Reminded me of Christian Ponder lol.


    right, on someone who wasn’t expecting it and who’s protected by the refs. if that’s what you mean by “truck”. fail.

Surreal Feeds

-Matt Gay is looking like our guy more and more. Santos is great too. (finally, a kicker!)
-Jamel Dean looked good tonight. (only one game, i know)
-Tanner Hudson looks promising.
-Jameis looking like hes trying to make smarter decisions with the ball
-Rojo looks to be positively developing
-Our f****ng receiving core
-Bruce Arians and the rest of our coaching staff are 10x better than what we’ve had in a while.

We have the potential to do big things this year. Bucs nation I am pumped for the regular season and so should you!!!

    nathan c

    @L D yeah but this is Arians first year. Growing pains should be expected, right?

    L D

    @nathan c Yeah, but he’s always been a guy who makes changes right away, just look at what he did at arziona, took a average team at best to the playoffs consistently.

    nathan c

    @L D I mean I hope they go to the playoffs! But even if they still have a winning record and barely miss it, I wouldn’t be that disappointed.

    L D

    @nathan c fair enough. Just contend I get you.

    cole schubert

    Wait until regular season I’m hopeful but I need to see more before I get excited again.

Xavier montez

Maybe ryan Griffin for 1st string reps maybe .. Winston my guy buy give Griffin a chance
Just my opinion

    steven mennella

    I’m with you man, every time I see Griffin play, he lights it up. Is he just a preseason hero? Definitely have him as the number 2.

    Eric bp

    I love Griff. I know he hasn’t started a real game but he’s looked real good the last couple preseasons. I think he just needs a shot with the 1’s

    Dilly Billy

    no reason to create the same confusion that we went through last year.

    Ericke H

    At least make him 2nd string

Colton Black

I see Dolphins are already practicing routine loses.

    Deon Lawrence

    some things will never change.

    Rob Dery


    Crank Bait

    @Colton Black duh duh

Alan Grey

Tanner Hudson has a very bright future. Hands like Gronk.

Kou Tokisaka

Biggest thing to take from this game is tampa making them field goals


To my fellow Bucs fans, looks like we finally found ourselves a kicker.

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