Dolphins Live: Ryan Fitzpatrick meets with the media – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Karen Setzer

Move the chains

Jon Jonson

He sucked before and he sucks now!!! Just get this season over with so we can kill the draft and move on!!

Douchebag brigade

Rosen, Rosen, Rosen!!!!!!

Shaka Zulu

Forget Ryan Fitztragic!!! Lets see what rosen can do.


Hola :3 el domingo ganamos! 😀 saludos desde Costa Rica! 🙂


Hey he threw for 2 touchdowns against the Patriots

Mike Overall

What is he talking about they were only down 13-0 at half !!!

Lisa Sobers

not to be rude or disrespectful to fiztpatrick but hope not just you but you and the whole miami dolphin team

Mike Pelligrino

Rosen cant beat out Fitz.

Monte Tyson

Ur garbage 🗑 u need to just quit playin !!! U will never be a real quarterback

Monte Tyson

14 years u never really help no Team u been on

Monte Tyson

Ur best is garbage ur no quarterback ur garbage 🗑

Miguel Orozco

If he wouldve been here during the Landry/Wake years we would have been solid. He has garbage teammates. I dont blame him. Fitzmagic is money when he has decent players around him. Imagine him with great players smh or an actual o-line lol

America Reigns

A legend in his own mind! Atrue 0-16 qb.

Stan ezen

Dolphins are trash af

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