Dolphins Live: OC Chad O’Shea meets with the media. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Douchebag brigade Reply

We need players to catch passes from Rosen especially when they are perfect dimes thrown to there hands

    Douchebag brigade Reply

    Youtube Only it’s cool think he’d catch better then what the dolphins receivers have pitch fork in hand and all lol

    America Reigns Reply

    Why? They are tanking for TUA!! We need Fitztankrick back in!!0-16!!!

    Youtube Only Reply

    @America Reigns i agree its race to the bottom and the jets might just beat us 😢😄

    Douchebag brigade Reply

    Youtube Only Tua will be a bust stick with rosen if he has two bad years you get Lawrence the following year

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Hey, the QB’s, receivers, RB’s , OL, and coaches all stink so what does anyone expect?

randy bland Reply

It is a forgone conclusion we be tanking for tua , but if we even get tua ? who the hell gonna block for him and keep all this pressure off him to throw the ball , its great we are building all these top draft picks , but if we dont get serious about our O line , and dont get me started on lack of pressure defensively on opponet QB’ S THEN WE JUST ALLWAYS GONNA BE PISSIN IN THE WIND . CAN I GET A WHOA BUNDDY ON THAT NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark Jefferson Reply

    We have 3 first rnd picks so I’m positive they will draft linemen.

Saint Michael Reply

Seriously, you don’t know what needs to be improved on offense? Let me help you:

1) We’re currently averaging 5.3 points a game. That means we’re going to score a grand total of 84 points this year. That needs to improve!

2) We’re on a pace to have less than 500 yards rushing for the year as a TEAM. That needs to improve!!

3) Our current WR’s would have trouble catching a BEACH BALL. That needs to improve!!

4) Our OL is one of, if not the, worst OL in the history of the NFL. That needs to improve dramatically if Rosen is to survive this season.

That’s a few things that you can improve on.

    America Reigns Reply

    The tanking continues!! THAT needs to improve to 0-16!

    Chris Foster Reply

    our o line played pretty good last game.

Tha Dude Reply

Give up a couple of those 5 and 6 round picks to find upgrades so we can properly evaluate Rosen.

john malone Reply

dont be surprized if miami starts winning. this is a good coaching staff in place. thank god!!!

    Jon Jonson Reply


    Jarro Harris Reply

    Lol funny. This is fussy as hell

rolando orellana Reply

Marc Tresman..

    Youtube Only Reply


Rich V Reply

Catch the dam ball

Henry Harrison Reply

I like this guy

America Reigns Reply


Marky Mark Reply

What he really wants to say is they traded away our offensive the hell am I to keep Josh Rosen progressing

Chris Foster Reply

Why do we have a fullback if we never use him?

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