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Chris Foster

Build around Rosen


K so I am officially on the Rosen bandwagon as a Fins fan. Just because of the 305 Fins shirt. Lmao 305 All Day!

    America Reigns


    Terrance McCray


    Watchmen Andrew

    I know right! Takes me back when I lived in the 305. This kid is special he reminds me alot Rodgers when we was a rookie.


He has an arm and legs. Let’s get a good O line so he won’t get beat up and has time to make plays, please.

Richard Arroyo

Need that tee in my life maybe some orange an aqua stripes down the arm to match


That shirt go hard

    Ervin Sinay

    I want that shirt haha

    America Reigns

    A bum in a crappy shirt

Douchebag brigade

I think Rosen is the truth. We need to keep him he will be the next big QB for Miami

    Maher Justice

    I think so too. We need to focus on getting couple of OLs in the draft, a RB, maybe 1 WR, a DE, LB, CB, and FS

    Mike August

    hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAhahah hahahHAHAAhahaaaha HAHAHAAHAhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    America Reigns

    Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂

Jay MoB

We dont have to start over with an quarterback Just build around JOSH ROSEN GET AN OLINE AND GUYS WHO WILL CATCH THE BALL

    Geneyus 247

    Jay MoB I agree those second rounders should be to get versatile offense of players, If we can get a good running back and receiver then I would suggest notTo pick high on one of those guys in the first and get an edge rusher with that third first rounder or second first rounder

    Jay MoB

    @Geneyus 247 we should develop Wilkins first round last year at DT but we definitely need edge rushers to pressure the quarterback and an opposite corner to XH25

    Jay MoB

    @Watchmen Andrew Yea he has to watch everything he says now he’s being compared to JAY CUTLER as far as body language I’ve been following josh since high school even though I went to boynton beach high with lamar Jackson

    Geneyus 247

    Jay MoB XH25 should Be paired with another veteran there’s some good veterans that’s going to be up in free agency since we have so much cap space over 100 million We can put a good corner On the other side. As long as our secondary has got some experience if we put the speed and good pass rush down in the front seven we should be good.

    Geneyus 247

    Richard Arroyo I feel you bro but I wouldn’t use that 3rd 1st on a defense of tackle bro we had Suh and look what that did Not too much ( he takes double teams and I’m not saying he was bad/ he definitely wasn’t he had a good seasons for us)I think we should definitely get a defensive tackle second or third round but if there is a top edge rusher we have to go there as far as defense in the first. I’m not too concerned about the safety positions right now for the earlier picks If you have a good front seven you can have a good defense. Plus we have Xavier and Jones Who are both good at their positions and just need a good defensive line to put some pressure on these quarterbacks.I say we try to find a good leader at that linebacker position in free agency pay him well because we”ll have over 100 million in Cap Space.I agree though to get two Top O-lineman. Our first pick has got to be the best left tackle in the draft. Second first rounder A defensive stud preferably pass rusher. Then with the third first we go out and get the best guard we can get on the O-line. In the place of the pass rusher if they went out and got a versatile offense of player because there’s a lot of them this year and they’re really good I wouldn’t care about that either.

Ryan Minnis

This kids a star give this organization let him down bigtime this year hopefully they stick with him and give him a real chance to win the job next yr

Big Boy T

Josh is a soft spoken good dude and if he’s on your team U can’t help but to want him to succeed! He’s a smart guy and he will get this thing figured out and in time, will succeed! I’m pulling for him and as long as he doesn’t throw 3 or 4 straight interceptions, it’s his job and shouldn’t be pulled!

delvin hamilton

Josh i see u with the 305 👕

Kimberly Mason

I want that T-Shirt he’s wearing! #PhinsUp🐬💯 #IThinkWereGonnaUpsetTheChargers🐬💯 #MiamiDefeatsLAOnSunday🐬💯

David Lenshyn

Rosen let’s ride! Need a better game plan from coaches! Do better! Next up Chargers! # Any given Sunday!

joe jones

With our cap and our draft picks do y’all know how different our team could be in just a year if rosen can prove he’s a franchisee qb DAMN come on you can do it rosen

Fly solo 28

Josh Rosen is learning on the fly. About time we aren’t the ones getting rob trading players. got a steal from Arizona .

Stefan Kosikowski

We are so lucky to have Josh Rosen, and we got him for next to nothing. Mr. Grier is awesome to say the least.


Rosen had good pass blocking 1st half . Kyler who? Was sacked 8 times Sunday

Predator Productionz


Allen Carson

Dade county 305 da crib

Teresa Slone

I said he should start day one.
Glad you all are on the wagon now. Finzup!

Dun Dada

All y’all on the tank for Tua train understand this, with a rookie Qb and the roster being so young were looking at a couple more years to be relevant but with Rosen he’s just as talented and smart plus will already have a full year and a offseason in the system. Draft the top DE first then oline and weapons we can be competitive next year with an experienced Qb and cap space 4eva Phins up🐬🐬🐬

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