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Marky Mark

No offensive line and I’m surprised he did not get hurt or play horrible..he definitely has a nice accurate arm..smooth natural throwing motion..great feet work moving around in pocket..Preston Williams dropped that touchdown pass..not Josh Rosens fault.. multiple nice passes right on the money not caught

Wesley Charlot

We need to get Patrick laird out there.

    Derrick Frazier

    Agree rather have laird and walton

    Chris Foster

    Fr ballage and drake ain’t cutting it

    Michael Mitchell

    I feel you would love to see him get a chance

    Derrick Frazier

    @Chris Foster yea remember what walton was doing at the U quickness dangerous cut and vision. Then laird dont start me his vision patience and sneaky quickness solid and aggressive through created gaps solid all around. They fit better. Drake is explosive like walton but needs to be more consistent same problem he had at bama. Ballage idk I just dont excellent size and speed but now i see why he was the #2 back he is way too raw needs major development. In my opinion I move him to 4th back has played horribly.

Wesley Charlot

Josh Rosen brain has grown so much.

Youtube Only

Josh you did a good job bro but once again dropped balls over and over again why cant these guys catch the ball consistently especially when it counts

    Derrick Frazier



Rosen did fine. Good to see that he escaped uninjured.

Club Utopia

Looking good Josh stay focus… we’re building something special bro…

Mike G

Thank you for showing up today Josh. Wish your teammates would’ve done the same.

    America Reigns


Military Mindset

Good job Josh! Keep it up man, we believe in you and want you to succeed! All the best for a healthy season. Let’s get it!!

Troy Talyor

You did good Josh Rosen keep it up Fins Up I believe in you

Chris Foster

Do not draft a QB. We need d line and o line

    Billy Batson

    They could draft all three in the first round.

    Professor Finesser

    @Billy Batson we don’t need a QB

Saint Michael

I liked what I saw from Rosen today. Take away the numerous dropped passes and (overall) he didn’t have a bad game.

Frank Saumell

This kid is all class he deserves a shot with better talent around him

    Billy Batson

    He will, come 2020 and beyond.

Shamroy West

You did well. Can’t say the same for the receivers

Dave Wetherell

Pro interview! This young man is showing maturity and heart!

Ryan Neal

If we can just fix or tweek the mistakes and our receivers can catch passes and Rosen plays how he did today I really do think we can beat the chargers.

Richard Arroyo

I’ll roll with Josh Rosen AKA chosen Rosen we just need to get some help around him you showed me a lot today

Michael Mitchell

Good work today Rosen I’m pulling for you Fins Up! 💪

Dave Brown

doing real well Josh every game you’re looking better and better but we need some receivers to step up and catch the damn ball

Stack X

I’m very proud to call this guy my quarterback. I love his positive attitude. Guy is gonna be great, assuming he survives the season.

delvin hamilton

Rose you look like Aaron Rodgers. For real

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