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Jacob Lopez

Idc what goes on, just WIN!

Terrick Sealy

Miami is taking the right approach right now. Clean house and develop our players. We need to build from the ground and and not put band-aids on everything.

    Trent Bates


    Fast Pony

    Yep, all those draft picks will build the D and O lines, and get another QB in the draft for strong competition. It all starts there!

    Abner Maso

    Develop our players?? We just traded Tunsil and cut Taylor. 2 homegrown players!! Lol wht team you watching?

    Fast Pony

    @Abner Maso Flores’ players, specifically.

Mike Pelligrino

Same shirt and hat again! Whats he gonna lie about next?

    Out of many One

    Stop whining start supporting the team.

    Mike Pelligrino

    @Out of many One Been supporting this crap team. Tired of supporting the total incompetence of this franchise. Not supporting a lousy product. Ya gotta be a sadist masochist to support these scrubs.

Mike Pelligrino

Steve Ross, Save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WITH A CLUE! You inherited a playoff team and totally trashed the franchise!

    Mike Pelligrino

    @Sean Lightfoot
    They’re gonna get their chance its not up to me. But the owner is football pathetic.

    william harmon

    At the end of Wayne run we were 1-15 and wasn’t winning.

    Mike Pelligrino

    @william harmon
    WRONG! . Wayne hired Parcells who engineered the biggest turn around in NFL history 11-5 and playoffs!

    william harmon

    @Mike Pelligrino 1 year wasnt sustainable

    Mike Pelligrino

    @william harmon

Jon Jonson

This year will suck. But this team will get better!!

    Gabphin 136

    I agree


The season is finally among us, time to see what our Dolphins can do. A very young team embarks on their 16 game stretch loaded with question marks. The Dolphins do have talented players on various positions that can compete against the best of them, week 1 should provide plenty of answers as to where we are at the moment. The future is bright again for our Miami Dolphins – how long do we have to wait to be considered a good team? Can this no-name OL provide our QB ample time to scan for targets? One thing is certain, the BAL Ravens defense will bring it on Sunday. It’s our coaches job to find BAL weaknesses and capitalize on those opportunities – to victory! Go Dolphins!

Baatdad 71

These moves are painful. But we are Finally headed in the right direction for the draft. Within the next couple years we will have a #Franchise QB!!!!!!!!🤯😁

    Corey Brown

    I think Rosen will be that a QB… Atleast #PHINSUP🐬🐬 shld be pushing for it..if Rosen hits Miami is looking at a 2 year turn around playoff team.. Juss image if Miami can spend nxt years draft not on a qb but build a young OL and DL with 1st and 2nd round picks!!🤔💭…#PHINSUP might be lookn like Cowboys 95 frfr👍🏾

    . Polo

    It won’t mean nothing if Grier doesn’t hit on at least %75 of those high draft picks

    Corey Brown

    @. Polo both Grier and Flores spent time as talent scouts..seem to wrk well together and team first mentality… I think they will continue to pick well..juss my opinion🤷🏿

Nick Poverman

I have no idea what i am doing. He will be gone in two years . I will say it now 6-10 at best. They will then screw up the draft next year.
Pablo Rodrigo Rosales
 they are playing the Ravens this week. I guess you don’t know who is in our division.

    Kingz Reign Supreme

    Dude, 6-10 is hell of a stretch. We will be lucky to win a game this year. 0-16 or 1-15 at best.

    Corey Brown

    @Kingz Reign Supreme nah…. 😂😂… I don’t think it will be a total loss… 6-10 .5-11… But PHINSUP shld win atleast 4 games

    Family Over Everything

    Kingz Reign Supreme as much as I don’t want to say it I think you’re probably right. I hope not

    Richard Dalley

    Finally someone who wakes up in reality. Team would be lucky to win 6 quarters of football let alone 6 games. Fins are not building a team the right way.

Karen Setzer

No way to go but UP for Dolphins 🐬Trust and respect Coach Flores and staff! Tough competition every play

Larry Castro

No wonder all our coaches end up getting fired. They need to waste time with soooooo many stupid press conferences where no coach really says anything of substance.

DeVaughn Currie

All I’m hearing is umm umm umm umm umm 🤦🏿‍♂️🤞

Derrick Austin

This is a sad season for season ticket holders!

m black

Flores is starting to feel the heat. You can hear it in.his voice. He’s stuttering more. I don’t know how you incorporate 11 new players in a week and not get blown out at home in game 1 which would be embarrassing.

Richard Dalley

My heart goes out to the fans who don’t really know what’s going on but swear the fins are doing this thing the “right way”. In the next few years you will get a new head coach, GM, and new logo and a new promise but things will stay the same. This is not how you build a team. I hate to see the loyalty of such good fans wasted. Fins fans can’t keep drinking the kool-aid.

    jay willz

    Richard Dalley oh really? Can you tell us how to build a team? Cause the past 10 years we would just chase big name free agents and think those were the solution. At some point you have to try a different approach.

    Richard Dalley

    @jay willz glad you asked…Fins are trying to acquire a kings ransom of picks…IF you nail half of those picks you will have multiple players all wanting new contracts with-in a small window…basically 6-7 years from now you might have to pay players like a zeke, goff, clowney, and mack all in the same off-season. Teams like the pats or Steelers or even the saints always have mid to late picks but they identify talent and draft well. The fins draft Charles Harris the Steelers draft TJ Watt. Fins draft Christian Wilkins the Steelers draft Bush. You don’t need a ton of first round picks to build a team what you need is a good scouting department and sensible gm. Think about what the fins just did trading away tunsil…they basically gave away a bird in the hand for two in the bush. They have also sabotaged Rosen in a number of ways. The organization gets away with this because the fans allow it by going along. Ross has “blown” up his roster 3 times in ten years.

    jay willz

    Richard Dalley you do have a point here, but i don’t believe that every single pick they acquire will flat out be used to pick mulitple players, they might find a qb or whatever other high needs at a positions and potentially use those picks to trade up. Im sure they have a plan in place. We will just have to wait and see

    Richard Dalley

    @jay willz you’re right you do have to wait and see but when you have more evidence pointing towards them screwing this thing up then evidence of them nailing it, you can pretty much tell they will screw it up. At the end of the day what they are attempting has never been done successfully. The Raiders already had a QB. It didn’t work for the Browns either so they fired Hue and brought in Dorsey who knows how to identify talent. Think of Flores as a Todd Bowles, Steve Wilks, or Hue Jackson not because of skin color but them being used as scapegoats.

James Morris

Sunday will tell if it’s going to be along season

Vince Greene

He will fired after next year.. good job mr ross!!!


Take a shot everytime he says “ Ummmmm”

Nikki Jackson

You will be fired in 2 weeks!

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