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Youtube Only Reply

Well I did see a little bit of progress but come on man what’s up with the DROPPED BALLS???!!!

    Mark Jefferson Reply

    @Youtube Only 🤣

    Tecumseh Grainger Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino , straight up man, Miami will be playing in the Superbowl in 4 years. Book it!

    No, really!!

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    @Tecumseh Grainger Stop the drugs!

    Tecumseh Grainger Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino now why would I do that? LOL 😂 😂

    America Reigns Reply

    Tanking. Dropped on purpose

Velle Wiley Reply

We suck but we’ll be straight

Willisarnold3 Reply

We getting better we getting better the underdawg post are starting to piss da team off they working now

    America Reigns Reply


Ryan Minnis Reply

Wilz gets beat on every single pass play EVERY SINGLE ONE

    Kevin Dorsi Reply

    Except for Antonio Brown’s TD vs. New England

animalraider Reply

10:31 what kinda dam question is this? Ofcourse he’s looking at every touchdown in the NFL he is reminiscing of the good old days when he coached a team that scored touchdowns.

boZ Reptiles Reply

If you remember this isn’t the first time Kenyan drake has fumbled at the goal line. He did it last year too at the goal line and almost cost us the game against the bears. Clearly he hasn’t learned from his mistakes.

nikshmenga Reply

The team played hard and Rosen did well.
Congrats to our OL Coach – improvement every week.
J Grant seems to be reverting to his “butterfingers” days.

Mike Pelligrino Reply

They have now been outscored by 117 points, a modern-day NFL record through three games, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the official stat-keepers of the NFL. Good job Grier/Flores lol

    Dwight Keller-Williams Reply

    getting better each week.

Martymars 25 Reply

Coach this yr doesn’t count for you! I just hope Grier and Mr Ross don’t make you the fall guy if the tanking doesn’t pan out.

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Worse than the Marlins

Mason Kelley Reply

0-16 incoming coach!!

REVO 13 Reply

Kyler who? Was sacked 8 times – going through same bad O- line as Rosen had.

Beals007 Reply

After reading the comments there sure are a lot of fair whether Dolphin fans on here to day😫😫 And the volume on the Mike to me seems short a low does anybody else have the same problem ??

Shaggy Drummond Reply

I hope everyone understands I am not knocking the players. It’s not their fault. It’s the owner and the managements.

Tecumseh Grainger Reply

Coach Flores is the man for the job – that’s what’s up.

    America Reigns Reply


Big Boy T Reply

Do U guys see this man, take a good look at his face, does this look or sound like a Coach, that is losing on purpose! I see a Coach full of passion, smart and will fight to get this thing turned around. Trust me they R building this team, while Chris in the front office, is preparing and setting the team up to have a bright outlook for the future! We will win games this year! Yes I said games! Even back in the summer any smart knowledgeable football fan, would have told U, we would lose these first 3 games! Only a die heart Dolphins fans, (me included) thought we may have a chance to win the New England game, at home. But knowing we could lose as well! So the real, rest of the season starts this week. I think and hope for 4 to 6 wins this year. Sorry guys that’s the most we will get this year, we R rebuilding, for the future and Chris is doing his job! 6-10 will be a great job by this staff and if it’s 4 and 12 that’s ok to!

    America Reigns Reply

    Bs. A liar and tanking coach. He should be fired.

Darin Anderson Reply

We didn’t win but we had some good moments keep up the good work coach

Teresa Slone Reply

23- 20 Miami Over La chargers.😓finzup!

    America Reigns Reply

    Chargers 45
    Phins 10

O R Reply

I don’t think this team plays hard. After halftime they tank.

# hamdale Reply

Flores comes in with a solid pedigree but I have a hard time trusting this owner and management to get anything right. I’ll give this coach some time. He’ll get his opportunity to impress with the talent the team should be able to bring in over the next couple years. I’ll pass my judgement in couple years.

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