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Do Your Life: David Andrews

Tune in to the first episode of the series 'Do Your Life' which dives into David Andrews' life outside of football.

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Alberto Camacho Reply

I miss him πŸ˜”

Diabooliced Reply

whats is the name of the song they play in the outro?

Kevin Pawl Reply

As a center personally myself I feel bad for david

    The Sultin Of Smack Reply

    Kevin Pawl Because of the injury?

    The Bucko Himself Reply

    @The Sultin Of Smack yep, dude left a hole in my soul you can see it in my face it’s a real big place. gonna be hard to replace for a whole season

Patrick Rizzo Reply

Hope you are feeling better!!!!

Tom Breault Reply

David Andrews is a great guy. I wish him a very long and happy life.

Jaywhythree Reply

This was awesome, keep it up!

dark light Reply

Cool. He likes fishing like me just like a normal person.

Zack Naessig Reply

I am thankful for all he did for us. #ThankyouAndrew

ChArLz In ChArGe Reply

Offseason is longer than the actual season.

    Bumble Bee Reply

    not if you’re in the superbowl every year (aug-feb, 7 mo.?) which the Pats are, pretty much.

Sheika 01 Reply

Nice of this channel to future the somewhat underrated players of this awesome team!!! keep it up… excited for Harmon’s…

Austin Ahern Reply

Hopefully, David Andrews is feeling better.

luis almodovar Reply

Speeding recovery david, God bless see u soon

Eric Wiitala Reply

David… I wish you and your family good health and happiness. Get better my man.

Lacrosse24ify Reply

David is just the type of guy you want to go have beers with

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Have a good recovery time, david.πŸ‘πŸ‘

williamfh fh Reply

everytime i saw him see or hug tom like a child in bigman hahaha ^ ^ your patriot fan from thailand 15 year love u big boy

Bumble Bee Reply

are there more of these episodes with other players as well? I loved this.

Christopher Beblo Reply

Andrews has read “7 Habits of highly effective people”

John Reed Reply

You can c y he’s a team captain. Get well cap

the fappening Reply

Dude, way to go! Your wife is dope, what a lucky dude.

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