Do Dallas Cowboys Need Ezekiel Elliott To Win Super Bowl? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Do Dallas Cowboys Need Ezekiel Elliott To Win Super Bowl? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

After Cowboys owner Jerry Jones downplayed the importance of having a star running backl, Mike Florio and Chris Simms wonder whether Dallas can win the Super Bowl without Ezekiel Elliott. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DallasCowboys #EzekielElliot
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Do Dallas Cowboys Need Ezekiel Elliott To Win Super Bowl? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Dogon SS Reply

…If I was Jerry I’d trade him… The amount of daft picks you’ll get in exchange would be worth it

    syminite1 Reply

    Then Dallas won’t even win their division.

    Chop Chop Reply

    Patrick Hong you’re trippin bro! Which receivers are way past their prime?! Randall Cobb is the oldest WR on the team! And he’s 28! Lol Amari cooper is 24… Michael Gallup is 23… Cedrick Wilson is 23! I guess an average age of 25 means you’re way past your prime! Haha you must be thinking of a different team homie!

    Derrick Mason Reply

    @Chop Chop right, because Dak is that good w/ out Zeke. Pls move forward thinking Dak’s arm can power that team. Who’s afraid of Morris? Which team is gonna need to load the box giving Dak easy reads and one on ones for Amari.

    Edward Snider Reply

    They can get a Herchal Walker type deal but bigger if they trade Zeke

    Derrick Mason Reply

    @Edward Snider ROTFLMBO, Vikes got fleeced. In today’s social media full access there’s too much info out there. Who’s gonna fall for that now? Teams are gonna sit back and wait. Jerry has to pick his poison. Errrbody can’t get paid. Too much money tied up in the OL.

Joey Chapman Reply

I need him to make it to the playoffs more lessons Super Bowl

Joey Chapman Reply

You don’t need to rusher like that unless you got a Tom Brady back there and Dallas tampon Boyz you ain’t got that

HeSo Holy Reply

Whoever reads this comment have a nice day also I’m a youtuber that’s tryna grow and help would be appreciated

Zachary Madden Reply

They haven’t been close to winning it so far with him, You think they are going to win it without him? What a dumb question…

    DFW KICKS Reply

    Zachary Madden lol but the money they make with a decent record is worth it

Stan Long Reply

“Do Dallas Cowboys need Ezekiel Elliott to win Super Bowl”? is asked.
First, it should be, “Do Dallas Cowboys need Ezekiel Elliott to win their division”?

Edwin Singleton Reply


    pepe Reply

    Lmao put yourself in zeke’s shoes playing the most brutal position, practically having a car crash every time u touch the ball being tackled.. what would you do seeing how short a shelf life rb’s tend to have and you have been exceptional on the field since the day you arrived.. would you not want what u clearly deserve? you are looking at this purely as a fan cause u know u need him on the field.. remember those 6 games he was suspended and how trash dak and the offense was. so for u to say he’s not a priority is hilarious.

    syminite1 Reply

    @pepe Fo REEL.

Edwin Singleton Reply


    syminite1 Reply

    They tried them washed up backs in 2015, complete failure….which is why they drafted Zeke. They need to pay this Man asap.

New Era Reply

Smh………and my team is the Eagles ……lol.

Kyran Black Reply

Either Dak or Zeke wins their money. Not both.
Either Dak and Alfred Morris win and Zeke loses.
Or Dak loses and Zeke wins.
Jerry is playing this beautifully

    Chop Chop Reply

    Kyran Black they have enough cap to pay them both…so technically they can both win…Zekes team wouldn’t advise him to do so if they didn’t… The Cowboys are holding out because Amari, Jaylon Smith and Byron Jones all want to get paid in the next 3 years… now it’s one of those 3 players who will not get paid…the Cowboys are gunna pay Zeke… and Zeke knows this… you don’t draft a guy 4th overall and then let him go that easy!

    Chop Chop Reply

    Kyran Black and out of those 3 players… I think in the end… Byron Jones is the one that gets shorted! Which I hate to see him go but it’s just the painful truth… but the cap almost for certain raises every year a little bit…which is why they’ll be ok on paying most of these guys!

david herzing Reply

Dak needs an agent that has the press connections that Zekes agent has

George Hillary Reply

Naw, but you’re right. These backs can put up the same ypg as Zeke or even more, but that won’t open up defenses. Zeke changes defensive schemes. He takes players out of pass defense mode. Which allows the passing game to be more effective. This is what will be missed without Zeke. You can bet that our NFL east competitors are gloating right now. Open your eyes Cowboys Nation!

    syminite1 Reply

    Finally!! A Dallas fan with some sense! Gotta get this Man paid.

we3zy weez69 Reply

Come on Zeke, we need you, wtf Zeke is a Beast!!!

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