Diontae Johnson on rookie season, Bengals game | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hyper Waves

He looks like cam newton.


    Do u know what Cam Newton looks like?


first season for Diontae Johnson not bad at all

Braden Hudson

Favorite rookie player on the Steelers

    Frederick E

    Braden Hudson I like Bush 😺

    Michael Jefferson

    Me- A tie with Bush

cocksucker McFaggot

I have loved this dude since the draft. Let’s go🖤💛

Evan Poehler

Superstar in the making. Coach Drake would be proud.


    Big facts

Travis Gunn

His smile as soon as Ramon Foster gets mentioned lol. That’s awesome

Linkz GP

The latest 1000 yard receiver discovered by the Steelers

    Bart Basquiato

    Drake was right, he saw something special in him

Bobby Johnson

Just don’t jump

    Bart Basquiato

    If you’re talking bout the TD play I think he thought he had somebody bout to lay a hit on him

Xane Daniel

Steelers video editor – Drop the music during the interview. It was mixed loud and was distracting. Feels less professional.

Golden Skin

I love these Steelers we just ballin win or loose we having fun

Gavin Summers

This guy is special


Antonio brown 2.0
P.D: But whitout mental problems just the talent

Frederick E

Love it, I just wish they throw the ball to my boy J.Washy more often


    Me too, Just from observation I think JW is the kind of WR that has to be involved early and he gets better as a game goes. They could take a page out of the Pats book. Profile each WR in situations, not just running a play but designing plays for each skill set. That’s how they win with non house whole names year in and out. Play to their strength.

Michael Jefferson

I’m loving this kid. If Washington steps up, this trio could do some serious damage.

you're right

He is capable of playing AB’s role getting consistent separation in man coverage. Juju is our do-it-all possession WR. We just need James Washington to find his groove and be the deep threat and we’ll be set at WR.


Diontae Johnson.. currently leading all wide receivers with about 3 yards of separation. what a beast. another gem they got along with juju. those two will be a deadly duo in the near future Mark my words!!


    Let’s be real here.. Everybody gets along with juju.. I mean cmon. How could you not!?
    (besides burfict for obvious reasons)


Soft spoken, reminds me of some other guy I can’t remember his name, oh well it doesn’t matter. We got DJ

Willam Cotton



Love this young man.

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal

Video editor, turn the music bed down. It was so distracting.

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