Dinner’s on Za’Darius: Packers linebacker talks about leadership – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Stefaun Aka kenny



Big league pick up by the Packers you can tell he loves playing in this system.

Castortroy89 Gaming

Love Z, keep it up.

Sophanna Sokhon

Big Z! Hes becoming one of my favorite D player. Love his energy and mindset.

Anom BF

I always thought crosby’s locker was next to aarons

Jake Reuter

I like this guy more every single day.

Simple X.

Mike Daniels would’ve love Big Z and Big P.

    David Tristan

    Sad to see him sign with the lions. Him and tj lang are back together on the same team again.

    AlmightyyPack 1

    David Tristan Tj Lang retired lol

    David Tristan

    @AlmightyyPack 1 damn how long ago? I haven’t kept up with him ever since he left my packers.

    Literally Who

    @David Tristan he retired at the end of last season.

Im a Packers Fan

Anyone think he look and sound like king Ezekiel from TWD

    David Tristan

    Kinda. But he doesn’t sound like king ezekiel at all. #GOPACKGO!

Reno Geremen

Man i could imagine if we just let mike daniels play out his last season with us this yr… coulda been a cocky confident d line fo’sho!!! Havent had that in years tooo hahaha playaz with attitude let the playing talk rather than words

    Jovan Wallace

    what is Daniels doing now? have you heard him making any plays for Detroit?

James Allen

The key to is..to make sure our team is always well conditioned….because injuries plagues us allot lately.
It’s usually the healthy teams that make there way to the big show.

James Allen

This guy is great….and wonderful attitude and team player!

James Allen

I will say he really fits in..in green bay…just like the legend Reggie White who we all loved and miss.

Lil L

I love it when they asked him”What’s missing from this defense”And he got a huge grin on his face and said”Nothing at all man.”Hearing that from Big Z, That makes me even more confident in our D.Go Pack Go!!

Henry Esparza

this guy was meant to be a Packer

    Dez Bryant

    Henry Esparza well said


hes the man.

Dj Diddles

Love hearing that lure defense is good for once and that these guys are so happy to be here!

thebull Devoe

Blake should b the leader

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