Devon Kennard on excitement for regular season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Lorin Keehn Reply

” Chants”Let’s go lions “beat” duuunnn Duuunnn dun dun dun
Let’s go lions duuunnn duuunnn dun dun dun

Lukas Romain Reply

LETS GO LIONS dunnnnn dunnnnnn dun dun dun

George Morgan Reply

A little over 50 hours till we ROAR and wake everyone up

traveion woodson Reply

Damn the coach tell the players what to say to the media word by word.

JWhite _whoRu Reply

I feel 10 sacks this year from him #onepride

    NOD RUB Reply

    Ten is possible one of the lesser talked about players

    JWhite _whoRu Reply

    @NOD RUB his effort is unreal and he is getting better as a pass rusher I believe

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