Devlin Hodges on stepping up, preparing for Chargers | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hunter Shore

Come on duck we need you

    Kevin Gaskin

    We got em

    Alley Oop !

    Show respect, capital ‘D”


Common Hodges it’s the year of the backups.

Mike Thomas

Im lame for this but…..gooooood luck DUCK!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Go get day 2nd W babeee!!!!!!

Kevin Gaskin

I believe in the duck dynasty. At least get us a wildcard win.

OsoArrogant 1

I’ma rock all the way with this team. I don’t care if we Win/lose the rest of the way.

    dopesmoke 247

    Yup that right the same with me too

    Ernest Lewis

    Imma rock witcha,



    Matt Blair

    agree, we have a good front office unlike a lot of other teams in this league


This Rookie was cut, signed to the Practice Squad, 3rd, 2nd and now 1st string. At this rate He’ll own the team by the end of the year.




    Playoffs here we come! 🦆

    Terry Breedlove


    Dario Zuher

    Yeah!!!!, this could be an unbelievable story, Lol

    Its12Gage bruh

    Him and Tomlin switch jobs tomorrow check your Steeler Facebook pages you’ll be seeing it 😂😂😂


Let’s go Duck! You almost won that game for us, let’s get the dub on SNF!


All I can think is about that scene in varsity blues. “ your the starting quarterback now Mox! Come over anytime after ten”

Troy Power

Go Duck!!! Rock solid performance last game, great to see him at the helm…GO STEELERS!!!

Michael Phillippi

The kid rocked during the preseason. Damn near beat the hated Ravens

    Young Lui

    YouMake MeReal I don’t mind them. All they do is play dirty

    Young Lui

    YouMake MeReal I hate the patriots

    Kevin Dee

    Coach should’ve taken the ball in OT. 6 was hot and all he needed was a TD to end it.

    Its12Gage bruh

    @Kevin Dee idk Tomlin had the right idea there he was trying to get a stop/turnover to give him a shorter field to work with

alan olive

Have a good game Devlin, have fun, and bring us a win. We’re pulling for you. We’re still in this division race. No fumbles guys, Good luck from Florida.

choctaw flathead

I don’t know man I’m liking this dude…..

    Matt Blair

    hes got that calm mentality that you have to have for success. Both Mason and Duck have shown this trait which is really good for their futures.


    Same here man …I’m liking this dude.

Josiah Haney

I love this guy. He is a stud QB and a world champ duck caller!! Cant ask for a better combination there

Hiii Power

I seen big potential frm Hodges since preseason I feel optimistic about my guy moving forward

    ted kiser

    I couldn’t believe when the kept Dobbs over him. Then it worked out. I think he will do better than Dobbs would have.

Steven Ray

I am excited to see how you do. Looked good in preseason but it was preseason. Let’s go Steelers

Ant Mack

Devlin Hodges can Scoot!!!!


I am EXCITED for this weeks game. This kid sounds like he’s ready

sean manahan

listen to him talk…then listen to russel wilson they sound a lot alike

Frank Grizza

Just say it…”everybody’s working for the weekend” lead singer of Loverboy right?

Nathan Faux

I like the fact that he’s willing to admit he’s nervous. Says a lot about the man he is.

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