Devin White on Returning to Practice | Bucs Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kushal Tiwari

Hopefully he’s ready for week 5!!

Allan Hernandez

Devin “Great” White! Let’s go!!

BucDaworld 2.0

Time to put on them work shoes!! Lets go!! GO BUCS!!


The culture they’re beginning to have is great!!! Keep firing

Mr Bigpun



    Based on what? Slap yourself

    Mr Bigpun

    @Anthony Brinson big dog, what does it matter? It was darius Leonard 1st yr last yr

    Shea White-Toney

    i kinda agree, devin bush makes splash plays and he’s a rookie. watch this guy play he doesn’t show up. i’d rather have minter out there

    Mr Bigpun

    @Shea White-Toney finally a guy that’s objective! I think the same I’d rather have minter out there as well. Ppl make the Devin white is rookie excuse to much! He’s the#5 pick!

    Ben Hagos

    @Q Kellz probably the same idiot that though Vita or OJ were busts too initially. He’s uneducated. Don’t waste your time


Glad to have him back!

Jay Dee

This guy just doesn’t send me to the place he sends others. I hope he can play to 50% of the hype.

    A A

    Jay Dee Thats nonsense. We’ve only seen Devin while he had tonsillitis and just had surgery. Devin White is going to be the leader of the defense this year, watch.

    Jay Dee

    @A A You obviously didn’t watch the preseason or the 49ers game.

    A A

    Jay Dee ive watched every game. During the pre season, the defense doesnt use their full playbook. Devin only played the full half against the Browns and our defense was sensational. Again, the 49ers game Devin just had surgery and had tonsillitis. That was a fraction of what he will be for us when he gets acclimated to the league. Devins’ coverage alone makes his significantly better than Minter. On top of that he brings that elite middle linebacker energy to the defense. Perfect weapon for Bowles.

    Mr Bigpun

    @A A after saints game you’ll say he just came bk from a knee injury lol

Juan Carlos Perez

Kwon 2.0


The saints are in trouble hopefully Winston plays mistake free football and we should be #1 in our division. Truth is we should be 4-0

    14 Shots

    No lie brotha, penalties and ints cost us the first game. And we already kno we shouldve beat the giants but hey we moving foward

jgriffin 6272

Great Person with bright future on and off the field

Mike. J

Excited to see him back, hopefully he plays this week!


Perfect timing for a return with Kamara

Antony Brown

Yeah haven’t shown the signs needed to be an elite level LB!! Hoping this dude can be better than David if not he’s no good for us….

Antony Brown

I think he cares more about his horses then his game…

    Mr Bigpun

    Tru… Aaron curry

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