Devin White Mic’d Up vs. New Orleans | Bucs vs. Saints Divisional Round Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Calvin Ellison Reply

Devin white is the best

    More Editz Reply

    He’s close to being the best

    ProfessorVirgo Funland Reply

    Hes definitely one of the bucs best defense players

M65 Reply

I was not expecting this treat. The game MVP Mic’d up!

James Briggs Reply

Best linebacker 🏴‍☠️ let’s go Bucs on

A A Reply

So Devin White is a superstar now… that has been established

Chris Wolfinger Reply

Showing why he should have never been ghosted on the pro bowl this season.

    Mr. Smith Reply

    it’s all good bro because he will get the last laugh when he get a Ring

    black wolf101 Reply

    F*ck the pro bowl. The SuperBowl trophy is the only thing that count

    T Rocka Reply

    Yea but is he really worried about the pro bowl right now…

Joshua Rangel Reply

2:20 my boy on the bottom right corner just teleported into existence

    Brian Blalock Reply


Saviron Hipps Reply

He definitely came back at the right time. The guy is just a monster just as Carolina had Luke kuechly we now have our premier linebacker the scary part is hes only gonna get better and smarter with more experience.

NF Bandit Reply

“You can’t roll with me boy”😭😭 he ain’t got 92 speed in madden for no reason

    Mariano Salas Reply

    I swear 😂

    antonioandrews46 Reply

    Dawg!! That “ahehe” took me out 🤣🤣🤣

    Rob Navarro Reply

    Did you have to start up madden just to find out his madden speed ?

    Shawon Razzaque Reply

    @Rob Navarro for people that actually play and have a team they use, we know all the stats of our players lol

    Rob Navarro Reply

    @Shawon Razzaque lol. I was just messin

Jack Drejza Reply

Love him trash talking everyone on the saints.

Mike Gillins Reply

I know he is only in his second year but I see a little bit of derrick brooks in white playing style…time will tell if he could be as good and consistent as the great brooks

    Joel El Rican Reply

    Could not agree more.

    Mike Gillins Reply

    @Joel El Rican i think white Winfield and vea bucs got three good young building blocks on defense for next several years

Mike Pal Reply

0:21 “ey, you can’t roll with me boy, HEHE” 🤣 😆 😂

    BootySmackerArod Reply


JJHcars Reply

D White showing that Alpha energy like D Brooks did years ago. Putting the league on notice. It’s his time! Show the Packers who you are again D White And bring us to home game Super Bowl

    s5 dollars Reply

    Nah Packers going to Super Bowl for this week n’ winning dawg

Factz From AKT Reply

The Saints got EVERYTHING they deserved……….

Jim D Reply

“I’m gonna put the dagger in ’em, watch”. 🗡

    AmaZment717 Reply

    He sure did too!!!!! Let’s go!!!!!

Brian Gaugh Reply

“We won when it counted the most.” Saints fan forgot about that all week when they were talking all that noise about a 3 game sweep.

Nicolas Gutierrez Reply

Just a reminder that this man is 22 years old. Scary

    npvuvuzela Reply

    Has the leadership, swagger, and big play ability of a 10 year vet. If he continues to improve he can turn into an all time great

    Ryan A Reply

    @npvuvuzela Not to mention staying healthy

Richard Kenny Reply

“I’m gonna stick the dagger in them, you watch” goes out for game winning interception.

Tampa is back 5904 Reply

That’s crazy he said he was gonna put the dagger in them then he went and got that int

Anthony Fernandez Reply

“We won when it counted the most” – Devin White

Choc Reply

This team is fun to watch. Real Bucs fans know how long we’ve waited for this… big one coming up in Green Bay

    s5 dollars Reply

    @Logan D Kuz that was the first time what don’t sone of u St*** Bucs fans don’t get this is not the past it’s the future kuz

    ZT Zoomin Reply

    Too long 💯💯

    C M Reply

    Bucs are the better team.

    Mark Seymour Reply

    @s5 dollars The Saints already got a taste of the future; Packers are next.

    s5 dollars Reply

    @Mark Seymour u a kap kuz

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