Devin White Mic’d Up vs. Jacksonville | Bucs vs. Jaguars Week 13 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Clutch Sports Reply

One of the best mic’d up I’ve seen.

    Live Love Life Reply


    Kent Jackson Reply

    He the truth

    Live Love Life Reply

    @Kent Jackson he ain’t like that

    Robert Borders Reply

    Totally agree

Logan O. Boyd Reply

Hey boy, you ain’t fast enough

    MexiKingiCon Reply

    Dude is so fast lol.. Patrick willis speed

Logan O. Boyd Reply

Mic him up EVERY WEEK

eric Jahuey Reply

Devin White and Lavonte David? GOATS

Jo Yutre Reply

Love this guy! Devin was the right draft pick. Outstanding leadership already. Imagine this guy in about 5 years.

Live Love Life Reply

You know I’m like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Matt Shrader Reply

He’s an absolute beast.

George Galvan Reply

Did he just refer to himself in the 4th person?!

David F. Farris Reply

Give him the mic every week. That was the best one in a long time.

David F. Farris Reply

So we got “I do this!” from Lavonte, and now “I’m like that!” from Devin.


    David F. Farris lol

    Brandon Williams Reply

    nice i like it

Darth Vader Bih Reply

I Will Take This Man Over Kwon Anyday, Anytime, and Anywhere. Big Trust

    Brandon Williams Reply

    LiTiRIlla was my favorite buc after his rookie season kwon is 1 ina million GOD only makes a few football guys like him hes different John Lynch new it but hope white is 1 of the greatest ever but i still dream of having DAVID, KWON, WHITE all on 1 field LiTiRIlla

    Brandon Williams Reply

    last thing on a tackle gholston had agaisnt the jags he got up and started beating his chest like kwon hes a big emotional leader we gone miss that man we good tho

OneBucPerson Reply

YESSS, finally y’all strike gold on a winning week with a player who had a big part in that W.

Edward Kitchens Reply

Now if everybody drink the same kool aid you drinking we going to be alright great energy mr white stay healthy nice draft pick πŸ’ͺ Go Bucs. 🏈

Davy Jones Locker Reply

Nice game Devin. You and Lavonte rule the middle!

Brock Reply

This is the most LIT mic’d up I’ve ever seen!

Devin White = πŸ”₯

Justin C Reply

I was smiling the whole time, Dude loves to play, He is a great corner stone for this D

dpbuc32 Reply

Love that!” Make sure we communicate”. That’s what i’m talking about!

ztmosley Reply

I smiled from ear to ear watching this. I love to see this side of Fo’ Five. Like the boy said, β€œ WE TIRED OF THIS S***!”

jeff goodrich Reply

β€œI got my big boy pants on”

Parish D Reply

Scores a TD and immediately gives it to a Bucs fan in a road game! Gotta love this guy!

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