Devin White Highlights: First Round Draft Pick to Super Bowl Champion – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Noah Fleming Reply


Michael Howard Reply

Devin white Hof one day

Vinzent Gaming Reply

Future HOF wherever you may end up in the future.

Yeti RC Reply

My favorite Defensive player in the league by far.

Buy my PILLOW Reply

absolute STUD

Rob K Reply

Incredible Year young man. I do want to say this. I wish you were a bit more humble. You talk a lot of trash and I know you are a champion but let your talk show on the field not into a mic.


    I disagree. The bucs needed this type of personality. We dont need another Gerald McCoy apologizing for a sack.

    Kristian Travers Reply

    @FAMOUS RANGER Yep I agree

    Tampa is back 5904 Reply

    FAMOUS RANGER facts man

    Me You Reply

    @FAMOUS RANGER thank you people that say you shouldn’t talk trash either weren’t good at sports or don’t understand the psychology behind the talk. I love hearing this dude 🎤ed up. I also enjoy listening to his interviews and actually have had my kids listen to some to understand what I’m telling them when I tell them to expand on their answers.

Kristian Travers Reply

Let’s keep this vid at 45 likes to honor our guy!!

Dean Giusti Reply

He is a MONSTER and he’s on my team! Devin/Lavonte. Best LB duo in the world. You can add Godwin/Evans to that as well.

    Matticus Areias Reply

    I think you can add Brady/Gronk to your list as well

Rawted Yardie Reply

One of the NFL’s best draft picks ever!

Dark Star Reply

Man, I’m glad the Bucs drafted this guy!

Charles Andrews Reply

The new and improved ‘Lawrence Taylor.’

    Mark Douglas Reply


Charles Andrews Reply

In the Super Bowl Gronk took over the offense and white took over the defense.

Lachlan Skinner Reply

Sell up greedy Glazers

ty sanders Reply

I’m a fan. Next Jersey is 45 SB edition…lookin for more of the same in 21

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