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Devin Singletary | “Our Will to Win was Greater Than Theirs Today”

Bills Running Back, Devin Singletary addressed the media after the team's 17-16 victory over the NY Jets, topics include: the overall run game, Bills QB Josh Allen, and coming back from a deficit to win. Inside the Locker Room presented by Gatorade.

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David Gorsky Reply

love this guy

Fast over Fifty Reply

Motor Singletary!

    glock lesnar Reply

    Fast over Fifty how did he get the name motor?

Hunter Bernard Reply

Hope to see this man wearing that jersey for a while

Toom2112 Reply

Is there a problem with the audio?

Ben Diaz Reply


Todd C Reply

Stay with the Bills dude, you’re gonna be a great player.

chris raymond Reply


Gonzo Reply

So excited for him

Beau Christensen Reply

Close to no audio is coming from the right side btw

    Daniel Faria Reply

    yeah i thought my right speaker wasn’t working for a second haha

Beau Christensen Reply

Motor and Smokey killed it! Stoked to watch the offense grow this season!

Melvin Jones Reply


Michael Bell Jr Reply

You gotta love this young man… Politically correct with the words, and actions on the field sayin GIVE ME THE GOTDAM BALL!!!! PASS IT, HAND IT OFF, I DON’T GIVE A 💩, JUST GIVE TO ME!!!!

    Viufifhffu Gofichchcuf Reply

    My feet stink, michael.

Zao Medong Reply

Love this kid. He’s gonna be good

John Mcdonald Reply

Guy is gonna be a beast! Can’t wait to watch him play this year

Blablabla Blabittybla Reply

A+ quote
Everything he said was a perfect answer.

joe smith Reply


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