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Devin Singletary | “Definitely Feeling Hungry”

Bills Running Back, Devin Singletary addressed the media after practice, topics include: the mentorship of Bills Running Back, Frank Gore, becoming more comfortable after his first regular season game, and his natural skill for playing running back.

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Richard Ramirez Reply

Impressive first rookie start.Its only the beginning. The run game for the bills is coming strong.Lets go buffalo!

    Mryrhodesian Reply

    Great vision and changes direction like a fish.

Jake The Snake Reply

Saquan bout to meet his daddy

    Rcae RunninCirclesAroundEveryone Reply


    Derek Puleo Reply

    Yea you’re bugging lmao

Joe Petri Reply

Feed that boy the Mac and Cheese!!!!

Snake Pliskin Reply

We all can’t wait to watch u again young gun….get them giants done

Thir13n Reply


spin0481 Reply

just hopefully they don’t run him into the ground this season. he will be spent before the end of the year.

Big Dick Reply

5.7″ motor. He’s a 350 small block!

Phillip Schamberger Reply

Awsomee interview questions love MOTORS ANSWERS HERE

Angus Khans Reply

I’m curious if he had a “welcome to the NFL moment.”

Jjvj Kvjcuvjv Reply

I need a reload on my foodstamp card. Im hungry and broke. Hey devin, can I crash on yo couch?

Billy The Buffalo Reply

Can’t wait to watch Singletary again and he will only get better 😃

Yog Soloth Reply

Looks like im getting a Singletary jersey this year.

eircification Reply

Love this dude. GO BILLS!

ProudCanadianEh Reply

Very talented and like his personality so far. Really happy we have him!

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