Devin McCourty vs. Phillip Dorsett II | 47 Seconds – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Nicholas DeGuisto Reply


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Matthew Plays Reply

I thought this was going to be an on-field competition, but this will do

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Marci M Reply

Lol❗️❗️❗️Love them both ❗️Can’t wait until tomorrow Sunday 9.22.19..

    Eman Paul Reply


    Marci M Reply

    thegodofspeed#! Thank you❗️❗️❗️👍🏻😊

    lj holley Reply

    @Eman Paul 48-0

    Eman Paul Reply

    @lj holley Even better bro only reason I give them 6 is because the coach but we will see bro.

Lisa G Reply

#Stairwayto7🏈 Perseverance!

Carly Arnold Reply

PATS For life!

JUles Reply

Why is there’s a chirping baby in the background

Özgür Bircan Reply

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Eman Paul Reply

They say we don’t have fun in NE yeah okay

Austin Ahern Reply

Nice!!! Cool video!!!

son dang Reply

god damn patriots players are literally good at everything

Tre Berkley Reply

I did that yesterday was fun but not easy lol let’s get 3-0 beat them jets


No AB NO PROBLEM…… DORSETT time to shine

Judilyn Travis Reply

God Bless the Patriots
Brady 7

Tosh T Reply

Brady ’bout to post a video of him doing this on the first flip.

Valentino Diaz Reply

What did I just watch?

K S Reply

This is dumb

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