Devin McCourty on playing in Buffalo: “The atmosphere is awesome” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
fatboy fresh

Naw he’s edge rusher now that jaime Collins is back

Tosh T

Dude is the best representative of the Patriots. Seriously. Best interviews for years.

    Daniel Casey

    He’s pretty great but I personally feel like Slate is the guy.

    Vash the Flash Stampede

    Daniel Casey Mathew slater is awesome

    Colly C

    Seriously these guys are CLASS ACTS


    Tosh T With all due respect, Josh Gordon is right up there.

    P Pumpkin

    But Slate is only special teams.

Joseph Mellen

Devin is a consummate professional in every way possible.

xavier lopez

I hope he plays the next few years & retires with Brady


    he becomes a FA this offseason but I don’t see him going anywhere else. It’s just how much and how long the contract is. Or God forbid he retires with his brother 🙁

Julius Banks

Let’s go.💪🏾💪🏾🏆🥇


Look at this man’s traps. Tell me you don’t respect him.

    Lance Milliken

    I’ve always been enamored with his neck and traps


I still got his #91 jersey.


    I wore his middle school football jersey back in the day

Rob Roberts

Damn our players are classy!

couture apples

Yes sir pats


Do one with Rex.

Mark Wilson

My Man!!

Austin Ahern

Let’s go Patriots!!!

Ivan Denike

Buffalo’s Super Bowl. Tailgates,chicken wings and hangovers Monday morning.

Allan Gray

Gold Jacket!!


Ethiopia in the house!

Charly Gr. v.L.




Capo V

He not jokin as a Toronto man driving down across the border for my first nfl game as a yute with my pops, i was absolutely mind blown as a 13 year old. Cars and barrels on fire in the parking lot, people banging in cars, couldnt see that pavement thru all the party debris. Walking up to the stadium late hearing the american anthem and the stadium shake from the 50k+ drunk northwest new yorkers. The whole atmosphere is absolute modness up there

    P Pumpkin

    Yeah, didn’t they band Monday night football there because of the rowdiness?


He is always so interesting and eloquent – and funny too. My favorite interview every week❤️

Jakob Corona

The best FS in the game rn
3 picks in 3 games

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