Devin McCourty on J.C. Jackson: “It was great to go out and see him make those plays” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Amari Johniken

Patriots going to go 8-0 then lose

    Nellybo knockdown

    @Justin Knapp bruh trust me if baker playin like that still , the pats whole defense might get some off season rewards

    the fappening

    @Justin Knapp 14 and 3?? lol are you for real?


    Realistically, I can see us dropping one or two somewhere down the line, just because our offensive line is in such bad shape right now. If they Gel and start playing better, and this defense keeps it up, I really think 16-0 would be possible. We’ll just have to see how the line looks. Brady was running for his life today, and nobody could hold their blocks long enough to give Sony any room to run.

    Justin Knapp

    No @the fappening

    Justin Knapp

    We still going to the playoffs go pats

Eugene Hickey

keep #77 in the game Bill

D Russell

Dmac 4 Prez

Brent Barker

Devin is a great guy… All around

Ivory Billed

Josh Allen was Patriots best player this week.

Camosity Star


Manuel Solis

The way he laughs when they ask him 16 for 16?. He aint tryna jinx it. Haha

xavier lopez

He’s become the one of most experienced, consistent & decorated db of his generation 🔥🔥

Forever Gooner

We need to tighten up on that run defense. Old man Gore broke free quite a few times.

    Brett Kozlak

    It was probably part of the BB defensive game plan. Dare them to run. Gore will get a few loose but he wont beat you.

    Patsfan 4life

    Yeah but he’s a great one, plus Jackson whiffed on him on a big run

    Big J33

    Not having Hightower today, hurt the run defense

    S Rennie

    Gore may be the most durable, consistent and reliable RB of his generation.

- Blythe

Collins has been lighting it up.
The Browns have potential this year and could have used his skills but I’m glad he’s back on the Pats.


Seriously why do all the patriots defensive players have insane traps and all the offensive players have huge calves?

SupahFans Streetwear

love Captain McCourty🏈

comegetsome eatingguts

Ahhhhhhh Yeeeaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Timothy Smith

This dude is just a phenomenal player and all around straightforward person.

Psycho Logical

Patriots finally gave up the first TD on defense since AFC champ game last year. It was no easy task for the bills and josh Allen almost fumbled it by inches lol this defense is unbelievable this year!

Charly Gr. v.L.

Wow, that was a Defence-Day!!
All of you –
have a good recovery time!!! 👍👍

T Man

McCourty is a class act….I wish more players in the NFL were like him….There’s so many scummy people in the NFL.


Def. PoY???


He wasn’t done tho.

James Hutchinson

Talented team player and a gentleman to boot, what’s not to like.

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