Devin McCourty on his teammates: “Everyone is playing very selflessly” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
المخلص فقط JESUS



This dude is a class act 🏈🏈🏈 .

P Pumpkin

One of several coaches on the field.

rich ernest

Know the enemy.There is Coach Carter somewhere in this league .It might take twenty one games to find him.

Reuben Condon

I’d like to see McCourty and Collins race lol

    Scout and Jake

    Mccourty would smoke jamie collins but if you meant landon Collins it would be close

    Big White Duck

    Both mcourtys are fast. Collins used to be really fast before the knee injury but he’s still agile

    Darion Akins

    Even at this age, D-Mac could still outrun probably 95% of players in the league. He is hella quick


    Jamie Collins runs like a fast big guy but is not even close to either McCourty in terms of pure speed. Unless, wait, you meant Phil Collins?

L. Ron Gardner

Dolphins talking to Bill Belichick after last season: ‘We’re thinking of hiring Brian Flores as our head coach. What can you say about that?” “That would a GREAT hire for us, er, I mean you.”

Austin Ahern

What a wonderful win by the Patriots!!! The offense was great and the defense was amazing!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Chris Allen

A SB earning worthy defense. They are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Joseph Savoie

    This defense has a chance to make history. That 2000 Baltimore defense allowed 165 pts all season. Best for a 16 games season.

Charly Gr. v.L.

All of you ” did your job” 👏👏
(have a good recovery time) 👍👍
By the way, Devin, your t-shirt with your statement in golden capital letters ==>> EXCELLENT😉!!

    Bee bee

    Auch wenn du jetzt nicht in meiner Nähe bist, liebe Charly, doch wegen des T-Shirts – ich habe dich so herzlich lachen gehört 😊. Der Spruch auf Devins shirt, einfach nur genial.

    Joachim v. W.

    @Bee bee Stimmt, das Shirt ist super und Du wirst es nicht glauben, wo Du es jetzt geschrieben hast, ich habe unsere Charly auch herzlich lachen gehört. Aber ist dir aufgefallen, dass einer der Zwillinge immer solche Shirts trägt? Die Jungs sind einfach nur klasse.

    Christina O'Reilly

    danke liebe charly ich habe auch sehr gelacht einen guten start für die woche

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Bee bee  @Christina O’Reilly  😉🌞

    Brian Carmichel

    Danke für den hinweiss das shirt ist wirklich genial

Rob Myers

Can we get some fucking microphones on the reporters so we can actually hear the questions without turning the volume to 90?

Luis Santiago

His cheek bone ???


    That’s a big bruise on his left cheekbone. This is an NFL player who’s throwing his body around and is constantly hitting and being hit . That helmet is not a force field. Why, you’re shocked that an NFL defender has a bruise on his cheek after a game?

    Luis Santiago

    @Ironfangzu am not shocked I seen him playing all his career from RU till now and never seen his face bruised after a game but thanks for the explanation

Chance Shankle

Nobody is talking about this defense yet the last 3 games (including the SB) this defense has only allowed 6 points!

    Joseph Savoie

    Few more shut outs they will be. It’s early but this defense could challenge that 2000 Baltimore defense for fewest pts allowed for a 16 game season.

    Alex Rivas

    Joseph Savoie probably not. The game has changed from 20 years ago and it’s leaned heavily on the offense. Points and yards are easy to come by in today’s NFL, so Patriots doing this is insanely crazy but don’t expect it to hold up


Future HOF er

Not DragonSlayer

This dude is the showing film to the secondary on the side lines. Complete player!


Great game 💪! Go Pats! On to the next ..

Deezie 617

Love the shirt D-Mac

John Johnson

Coach Dev

br 1251

D-Court in da house!


Defense win championships, Let’s go!!!!!


Someone teach Minkah the word selflessly

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