Devin McCourty: “I think we’ve been really building…as a team” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brian Vs.gaming Reply

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Brian Vs.gaming Reply

Hey patriots!!

Berlin The beast Reply

Hi first comment

Lashawn McConago Reply

Patriots Nation 🔵🔴🐐

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Good luck for the upcoming season, Devin. 👍🤞🤞

Chris Allen Reply

I’m loving the respect we’ve earned so far. This is our year again I can feel it

P Pumpkin Reply

I love this guy. A real team player and a leader. Belichick’s secret is that he has many coaches on the field. Experienced, knowledgeable, technicians, students of the game, stay in their lane, humble, on both sides of the ball. Not always the best athletes they prove brains beat brawn. No Antonio Browns or Zeke Eliot’s here.

justin cathcart Reply

1:24 Devin gave up a fly route on the back shoulder.

Bill Stanton Reply

good job but could do better.

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