Devin McCourty: “Everyone’s doing what they can to help the defense” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Devin Leonard



19-0 this is our #FinalGoal Go Patriots!!!

Hung Pham

Hahaha we win again. Love it…

Rusty Gunn 7

This is like a mini-bye week, after this game, to the next one.
Go Patriots! Doing very well. Good game, good win.

Charly Gr. v.L.

have a good recovery time!! 👍👍


Defense and special teams will need to score 1 TD each every game to help the offense.

    Shawn Greene

    That’s fine but the offense really needs to get it together. Hopefully Isiah Wynn will be back sooner rather than later along Nkeal Harry

    6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters

    @Shawn Greene The offense hasn’t had a good game since Wynn went down. He’s not back to week 11. But Brady’s turnovers are hurting the offense too.

Marvin Lynch

“We can’t get tired of working hard and outpreparing people.”

david selawsky

Tbis teams has very smart football players. High IQ players. Could b an all time D. We are watching. Blah blah we havent played anybody. Good think that way. Pats love that.

6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters

It reads 48 pts given by the Pats. But the defense itself has given up just 27 in 6. 4.5 a game.
If the Pats want to keep winning the offense needs to stop scoring for the other team. Big return on Brady’s int negated by a penalty. Got lucky it wasn’t a fg or pick 6. Then a fmb return for a td from holding it to long. Vet should know his internal clock should be ticking. The Pats are the best team, but against better teams than they’ve faced so far these screws up can cost a game.

Nick ______

The fkn corners are pretty dam good, they stuck to everyone… even tate was getting shadowed and that dude can ball.

J&M Explorations

Devin is such a cool leader and that defense is lights out!! I predicted back in the pre-season that the Patriots would go undefeated this year but I’m not sure anymore because their offense is just awful! The front line is a mess and again Brady has nobody to throw to! Unless they fix that offense soon there is NO WAY they are going undefeated especially when they start playing the tougher part of their schedule!!!


i am so into this defense since the 2018 playoffs. Offense has been really mediocre these past 3 games. Brady is throwing a lot like a 42-year old but no one is starting that conversation. Thank you defense for compensating for the offense.

Austin Ahern

What a great win by the Patriots!!! The defense and offense were great!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

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