Devin McCourty after 3 straight games with a pick: “I’m just trying to be in the right place” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

the peppa pig tshirt though lol

    Darth Vaper

    Bruh you just made me recognize that, lmao. The heck he doing with that on

    Ryan Slatstoomuch

    Darth Vaper probably for his kids or maybe he just likes peppa lol

    Green Kirby

    That Peppa pig T-shirt is fire! 🔥

    R.J Williams


P- Star7

Love that peppa pig shirt lol


Lmao that shirt wtf devin

Simak Santana

Peppa… what are you doing on devin’s shirt……

Poke the Bear

Gotta assume the kids are watching at home. What a chill dad



Just Saying

This Pat’s defense is top of the league. This game should have been another shut out, and we’re on to Buffalo baby! Let go! #stairwayto7

    R.J Williams

    Fucking rookies

Super Bowl LIII Champs

So proud of this defense so far, hope they can keep this up the rest of the season

Austin Crittendon

I remember some idiots said trade him years back smh glad we still have him

    This Guys Toupee

    Austin Crittendon that was WAYY back when he played corner and was getting beat for some big plays. I remember… He was young and hadn’t yet found his role. People can be harsh and just could not see the other dimensions to his game. They moved him to safety and he put the finger to all those doubters by becoming one of the best defensive backs in the game today. His straight line speed and lateral quickness to go along with his tackling ability and field IQ is better fitted for the middle of the field anyways. Understanding your role and how it changes over time is THE intangible you want in all your players. The Patriots teach this very well.


Pepaaaaaa what are you doing on Devin’s shirt

Ronald Tartaglia

That is the best peppa pig episode ever. She hung up the phone on her friend.

Tosh T

Long time Patriots fans know Devin has the best T-shirt collection but this one may be my favorite.

My Dumass -

I couldn’t pay attention to what he was saying cuz I kept starring at his t shirt. Daughter probably forced him to wear it, lol.

First Name Last Name

Peppa Devin for now on! This guy is a champion.

Ivory Billed

It must drive BB crazy to shut down the opposition, then the rookies muff a punt and miss a wide open receiver to give away 14 points.

Charly Gr. v.L.

Devin, it was a great game. Each player and the team, every one of them was in his right place, thank you very much. (the symbolism of your shirt = always a big 🙂)👍👍

    Bee bee

    Das Shirt ist klasse. Überleg mal, dein Vati trägt so ein Shirt, wenn er im TV interviewt wird. Mach’ Dir bitte keine Umstände deine Antwort kenne ich schon, ich sehe dich lachend und wie ein Flummi hüpfen. Ach Charly, herrlich.

Paul Burrows

Solid game by everybody, just a couple mental mistakes, this defense is scary good!

Manuel Solis

Compare this DB to a DB like Jalen Ramsey. Id take this man over the other. Such a team player. And team player are players that win games.


Most underrated safety in the league. He was only ranked 89 on NFL top 100.

Chris Allen

Last 5 years and this defense has won 3 SBs. They’ve even been the direct cause of those 2 of those wins. I think it’s safe to say we have one of the best defenses ever

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