Devin Bush Robs the Ravens for a Crazy INT!🚨 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Frosted Ice Pharoah

Everything’s falling to pieces. Is this another season lost?🙁💜

    Starvation Kills

    Fish_Stix69 well sorry im not a ravens fan

    Al Haymon

    Starvation Kills That’s not the point. He’s turned into a RB again all of a sudden.


    @Starvation Kills or an NFL fan for that matter, unless you’re busy


    Al Haymon ofc hes gonna turn into RB again hes not playing trash teams like dolphins and cardinals, once there is better defenses he flops


    Shady and they really thought they was gonna have a chance with the patriots on week 10 or so lmfao


That’s our first round pick baby

Andrew Kyle

Prayers for Mason Rudolph hope he is ok

    balistic knight

    What happen to him? im at work dont have time to look at the game.

    M D

    @balistic knightconcussion. He’ll be fine

    Andrew Kyle

    balistic knight He got sandwiched and immediately got knocked out

Frosted Ice Pharoah

I still believe in my team, but man the Ravens are tanking☹️

    Starvation Kills

    They arent

    muddymetel head

    Frosted Ice Pharoah 😂 how are they tanking

    Starvation Kills

    They lose one game and Lamar throws 1 interception and they are tanking. Some people just don’t understand

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Starvation Kills Lamar threw 3 ints already.

    Starvation Kills

    Carson Wentz Fan ok whatever that doesn’t mean their entire seasons over


never had full possession of the ball.


    @erbgorre If you want to see a real clean diving catch go watch Marvin Harrison 2003 diving catch vs the Titans.


    @Furkan Ozdemir he is bobbling it then he pins it to his chest/shoulder right before he hits the ground, establishing possession. and you can tell that he established possession because even through the ball hits the ground, it does not move as it hits the ground. at all. catch.


    @Leo those catches were ruled incomplete for a completely different reason, though. the question in those was when the process of the catch is actually completed, while the play is still ongoing. they basically boiled down to the whole “what is considered a football move after the catch” thing. which i did not agree with btw, as i think those should have been catches based on the fact that the catch was completed before they went to the ground, so that the question whether or not they survived the ground should not have mattered. but in the eyes of the officials, it did. and they didnt survive the ground. thats why they were ruled incomplete.

    this one right here IS all about whether or not he survives the ground, because he is down by contact as soon as he hits the ground. and unlike the catches you mention, he DOES survive the ground. therefore, catch.

    Shawn Willis

    @Leo but that one was. Sorry my dude.

    Shawn Willis

    @Furkan Ozdemir the ball didn’t bobble. That sir is call securing the ball. It’s in his forearm and chest when it touches the ground.

muddymetel head

😂😂😂 okay nfl that’s a “catch” 😂😂

    Juãn Lemos

    The ball never moved when it hit the ground so yes

    Bad JuJu

    Yep it’s a catch…. That’s something dez couldn’t do.


That should not be a int. What the hell.

    conner mcdougall

    ROB why not? It didn’t move when t hit the ground he had possession ball can hit the ground


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Robert Schwartzback

I can understand getting calls on the field wrong. But how incompetent do you have to be to screw up instant replay? Where do they find these guys?

    Sauce Jackson

    Lookin like they hired a bynch of new refs out there

Joshua Tellington

Is that what we are calling “possession”?? This game is full of bad calls for the Steelers

Team Jesus

I’m a big ravens fan and Michigan fan but go blue. Great job Devin Bush

    List of games Patriots didn’t cheat

    Team Jesus GO BLUE

    M Zz

    As a Browns fan, I only regret that the Steelers and Ravens can’t both lose this game. As a Michigan Man, I echo your “Go Blue!”


Incomplete pass

Armon Choudhry

Dez caught it


Incomplete af

LIte BEats

I’m a Steelers fan and there’s no way that an interception

andrew miller

Dez Bryant is gonna love to see what qualifies as a catch now


Hmmm, hit the ground. Was that ruled an int?

Blaze Doe

Just be thankful that this call was made right now. I can’t imagine what the heartbreak would be like if this happened in the playoffs😂

    Sauce Jackson

    Facts !

Kiki Abdulloh

That’s literally devilbackfire from eyeshield 21

Geo Secondi

Making big moves Devon bush huh

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