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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Lions have a reputation of beating good teams and losing to bad teams.


    @Yoboi Boy lol its a team game. Why do ppl give all the credit to qbs with good O lines and dont factor in that stafford and some other qbs dont have a consistent O line? You put stafford on the cowboys squad and they are a superbowl contender. Its a team game and all great lions players in NFL history are trying to win with the shitty team the organization gives em.

    Mark Stapels

    If the lions beat the chiefs and lose to the bucs…… then the laws of physics and reality is officially broken

    Yoboi Boy

    JTSAM my point still stands. You can count on your hands the number of times the lions have beat a team with a winning record in the Matthew Stafford era.

    Shawn Dymond

    @Yoboi Boy Look at every qb’s record, against good teams might shock you (Psst. Aaron Rodgers and Matty Ice aren’t much ahead of him)

    TreyJames 19

    @Yoboi Boy Fun Fact: Staffford has the same wins against .500 or better teams as Kirk Cousins which is 5 btw

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

If the Lions beat the Eagles and Chargers NFL still won’t rank them in the top 10.

    Garritt Mahoney

    You’re so right


    Michael Shan lets go !!!!!


    Well you don’t have to worry about that scenario we’ll put that to rest. R.I.P

    Ced Cuddi

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos fr, we don’t get love but it’s coo

shitReal wakeUp

Lions 27 eagles 19


    shitReal wakeUp No.

    shitReal wakeUp

    @AlienatedPotato watch and see

    love yourself

    shitReal wakeUp we’ll see

John Boehmer

The Eagles have owned the Lions in games played in Philadelphia recently, but it’s always in the cold weather we’ve played them. This will be a warm-weather game with Philly banged up and the Lions on the rise and getting some key players back, I like the Lions in an upset, 20-17.


I don’t have the Golladay TD as the key play in the Lions Chargers game. That was a great play but I think the key play was Tavai punching the ball out on the goal line. That changed the game.



    Austin Rich

    @NOD RUB facts as much la fans wanna say they was robbed lions made a play at the 1yard line thats just fantastic


Detroit won the last 3 meetings, and the eagles are banged up so I’ll give this one to Detroit 27-17. Ronald Darby and Malcolm Jenkins we’re getting abused last week. I’m not optimistic they will do much of anything this game.

    Carson Wentz Fan

    Jenkins was playing good.

    alien priest

    Darby got ATE up cuz he is more of a press CB instead of zone. Not jenkins.


    Last 3 meetings? Who told you that and what does that have to do with this game? The Eagles were a totally different team in 2015 and 2016 when we last faced the Lions… there’s no connection there


    PhillyBoyJayCooKingShow2.0 I meant last 2 meetings, the eagles might have been projected to be the team every philly fan hoped for, but injuries are Derailing this team


    alien priest either corner would have a tough time guarding Golladay and jones

Sean Bozeman

Lions 27
Eagles 24

    Jason Strom

    Eagles 34
    Lions 24

Steve Abitante

Yeah Lions Will Keep This Game Close IMO 28-21 Eagles.

The Derrn

Jeremiah is a lions hater. They didn’t even talk about how injured the eagles are.

    Aka Rizzo

    The Derrn That’s what I’m saying


    For real. They not going to have their top 2 wideouts, back up TE, missing 2 of their top 3 DTs,and some others are knicked up here and there. They have a terrible secondary and linebackers are not great. DL and OL have not performed up to standard.

Michael Shan

It’s hard to say at the moment, with all of the injury questions surrounding the Eagles offense. They even cancelled practice on Wednesday. I’ll say Lions win this one 24-20.

    【Unlimited Salt WorksTM】

    Well, that depends on how good their roster depth is.


I think the eagles are too banged up, Lions 17-14

    Steven P

    In Philly? that’s tough. Eagles defense blitzes and hits super hard, Lions are gonna get pounded, win or lose.


    @Steven P I can say the same for the eagles, you have no run game and Wentz’s is gonna get pressured all day trying to see if ertz can get open while being double teamed. Gonna be another defensive game

    Steven P

    @STAYTRUETOBLUE i’m a lions fan, gonna be tough

Austin Rich

if the lions win philly gets the excuse thats there not healthy but if the lions lose its the lions suck lol

    Nahshon Devose

    Austin Rich not really. If they get blown out, then yeah they suck, but if it is a close game than i dont think people will say that.

drsamw pepper


Hasan Sakacali

Lions 28 Eagles 24

King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

Lol trap game for sure for the eagles i can see the Lions winning
24-21 Detroit


If the Eagles lose they’ll still put them in the top 10 somehow

Jay So Wavy

Hope the lions hang 40 on em


Shut down Ertz and stop the run. 24-17 🦁.

Dbz Lover

These Eagle games are getting so interesting, it’s like I’m watching a movie

Aaron Sanchez

23-13 lions stafford 2 td’s least 320 yards

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