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Carlos Valdez

Whose excited football’s back cause I am

    Kevin Pawl

    Ya I know that falcons fans are hyped because they get freedman and dion Jones back.

    A sad falcons Fan

    @Carlos Valdez Rise up

    Ray Bondy

    Are you ready for some football?

    Carlos Valdez

    @A sad falcons Fan #InBrotherhood

    Pepper 526

    Im VERY surprised that there wasn’t a 28-3 comment out of the 7 that were here

Carlos Valdez

I’m calling it lions are winning

    Goat Ninetynine

    I think u meant Cardinals

    Owen Davison

    Goat Ninetynine don’t play urself this game is gonna be a bloodbath


Hometown fans I thought he was from Texas?

From The Stands

Kyler has looked… decent. Definitely not good enough for any notable change to the Cardinals offense yet besides some added mobility. Lions take this one by 14 points.

    From The Stands

    @Nico Edler Just calling it like I see it. I like the kid, but it’s still too early.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @From The Stands we haven’t seen the offense yet. It’s unfair to say the offense will play poorly or be electric until we see it. Kliff Kingsbury has been hiding the playbook for Sunday. So excited to finally see it in action

    Goat Ninetynine

    That is true no one really understands the offense and I am a tad but scared with the the players we have released because they r all getting pick up by this years opponents


Let’s Go LiONS!!!


    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @ThA MAN C MAcK yeah it’s nonsense to believe that the *#1 overall pick* will play well 😂

    ThA MAN C MAcK

    Larry Legend is a GOAT
    Yea especially their rookie yr.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @ThA MAN C MAcK oh, so you didn’t watch football last year? Because baker mayfield had a great rookie year. In fact, he tied the all time rookie record for passing touchdowns (27)

    ThA MAN C MAcK

    Larry Legend is a GOAT
    Ok. There’s 1.
    Even Payton played like a rookie.

    ThA MAN C MAcK

    Larry Legend is a GOAT
    I’m not mad @ U.
    If he actually balls out as rookie it will be 1 of the few outliers and success is always awesome but you’re betting on a rookie.

Phat Dawg

Stafford was the 1st overall pick about a decade ago

    Don Bur

    Ur point?

    Phat Dawg

    Don Bur its just a fun fact

Stan ezen

Football is back? Who else pumped??? Anyway my predictions return!! Lions are starving for some semblance of a winning team. 10 year old kid Kyler is still shotty and underdeveloped as an nfl QB. My take?:


Fred Castro

As a cards fan I’m more worried about the defense than offense

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Byron Murphy is gonna have to step up big time or else this game will become a shoot out

    solo mo

    Larry Legend is a GOAT won’t be a shootout if you see y’all team o line and the lions d line

    David Romero

    Facts !

    Im sSpartan

    All I gotta say is bud may the best team win

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @solo mo quick release and mobility


Lions easily win this one 27-10

    Goat Ninetynine

    The cards r totally different this year and If u r wondering y look for the comment I posted

    Tyler Ivezaj

    @Goat Ninetynine the cards are also without their top two corners and their wr butler. stafford will pick that defense apaart

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Tyler Ivezaj butler wouldn’t have been a starter, so that’s irrelevant. But yes, we will have some secondary trouble. The 33rd pick Byron Murphy will have to step up big time.


Kerryon Johnson , what a name for a back lol


    What kind of dog name is Wesley


    Bvby dont get it lol


Stafford will carve up the cardinal’s secondary. Patrick Peterson is out and so is Arizona’s CB2. They’ll be starting a rookie CB and a bunch of backups.

    Goat Ninetynine

    Did u forget about Byron Murphy, Budda Baker, DJ Swearinger, Jordan Hicks, Hasson Reddick, Terrrel Suggs, and Chanderl Jones. Did they all just suddenly die?


    Goat Ninetynine yes

    Jacob Pettey

    Goat Ninetynine I’m gonna assume Suggs and Jones won’t be jumping in at CB


    @Goat Ninetynine without the top two corners the safeties and LBs can only do so much. Suggs is also old af.

Nathan Ingle

Kerryon Johnson will carry the lions and my fantasy team to victory



TreyJames 19

Worst game of the week but hey football is back so its not all that bad.

Lions 28 Cardinals 3

    Goat Ninetynine

    We r not only putting up 3 points and I think the Broncos and Raiders game is worse. People will only watch that cause of AB

    TreyJames 19

    @Goat Ninetynine I only said three points because i am not sure what to think of kyler murray yet and considering that cardinals o-line kyler will not be able to do much if he repeatedly gets slammed to the ground

    TreyJames 19

    @Goat Ninetynine and besides its only a guess and if Arizona wins then they win and i would be wrong. I just don’t think they will score much unless the defense does the scoring for them

Brighson Tolentino

Detroit has a MONSTROUS (and healthy) D-line with great depth in comparison to 2018. Even Coach Kliff acknowledged them as potentially the best in the NFL. I doubt Kyler will be able to withstand the pressure, but I guess we’ll see Sunday.

Joseph Cronan

Cardinals 26 Lions 31

Johnny and Ruby!!

I made a video for all of week 1 Predictions, come check it out!!

ceo los

Detroit win Lions 24cards 10

steven escobedo

Cards taking the w sorry lions fans



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