Detroit Lions Season Opener Hype Video – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jace B Reply


Divine_Wrath Reply

Playoffs or bust.

Patrick Taylor Reply

Yessir baby onepride let go playoffs

Travis Rhoads Reply


George Morgan Reply

Time to ROAR and wake up the league

R Reply

The reffs always attack Detroits Strength…theyre going to attack the whole team this year 🀣

Alan Grey Reply

Cats are notorious for playing with their prey before they kill it. We’ve been playing since 1957…ITS TIME TO KILL IT!!!
To all my brothers and sisters in Honolulu Blue…It’s time…IT’S TIME TO EAT!!!

Jake Contos Reply

I’ll be hype when we win some playoff games

313 JMO Reply

Lions about To Go into Arizona and give Cliff that beatdown. TJ Hockenson Kerryon and KG will have big games. Defense Wil be stout.

    Tyler Bouck Reply

    Like you guys all said we better and if not pack it in. Going to be a nice barometer for the season. I do disagree that confidence is a bad thing. Let’s blow them out of the water. Like Jesus said “for you are luke warm I will spew you from my mouth”!

Josh DeVrou Reply


Da Bruiser Reply

Aww man I love it when we are not hyped going into the season. Everyone doubting us and when we win it will be glorious. ROAR lions! Let’s go!

PALi friendly Reply


SpaceRanger413 Reply

Lions always make first year QBs look like mvps. Both at home and away. I’m tired of it. Please make this 1st overall pick of the draft look like a bust.

Michael A. Reply

This got me so hyped to go 7-9 again

Dennis T Reply

I have the faith. I have the will. I have the heart. Do we have the team ? I will be rooting for my team now show me your not just selling tickets and a TV contract.

Larry Melmon Reply

Get out the rally towels!! to mop up all the tears from this season!

detroit lions super fan Go lions Reply

once a lion fan always a lion fan

videogame beer Reply

Detroit vs everybody

Tone Capone Reply

I need wins
Not hype videos

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