Detroit Lions Media Availability: Brad Holmes recaps NFL Draft Day 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Detroit Lions Media Availability: Brad Holmes recaps NFL Draft Day 1

Watch Detroit Lions Executive Vice President and General Manager Brad Holmes recap the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft with the media Thursday April 29, 2021.

📺 April 29 – May 1 on NFL Network; Draft-A-Thon on NFL

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Isaac 13

not bad Holmes, not bad at all


Well fricken done Holmes. A+ our o line and run game is going to be nasty. He’s only 20 and is only going to get even better with time. No one thought he’d fall to 7. Definitely the right pick. Cant wait to see the rest of the draft! Lots of immediate starters fell to the second for us. Love this new lions staff. They will create a winner in Detroit in a couple of years. Mcdc is already my favorite coach of all time and we haven’t even played a game. Exciting time to be a lions fan.

    scott schierlinger

    Well said Ben, well said

    Im LegionZ

    We may not be ready now, but every single team we face has gotta know that if they wanna win they gotta get through that studded o-line 💪


    @Im LegionZ sup exactly. We completed the o line which is huge. In two years we are going to be winning the division.

    Michael Otten

    @Im LegionZ I’m a little more optomistic.. figure 8-9 wins depending on rest of draft..

Chicken Nuggies

LETS GGGGOOOOO, SEWELL IS THE GUY I WANTED!!! For round two somebody like JOK or Elijah Moore would be cool. Never been this excited for a draft in a while.🦁🦁🦁

    David Jackson

    Yes please!!!!! If we can make this happen…I’m fucking happy for the future


    I’m thinkin Rondale Moore out of Purdue

    Low Tier Trash

    Screw that.
    Barmore would be a nice pick up.
    He can fix the D-Line but only if they opt to go with some 4-3 kind of Defense.


    @Low Tier Trash I would be fucking elated if we got barrimore in the second and switched to a 4-3

    Michael Otten

    @BEN DIESEL 🤣👍

JWhite _whoRu

Detroit Vs Everybody


Swift is going off top 5 oline next year

Green Football

Thank You Dan, Brad, Shelia and the city of Detroit. – Steve from Toronto

    Ash Cash

    Thank you Steve

    Austin 113

    Thank you

    Scrap Man

    Big love from the D to Toronto

    Menelick Baffour

    Gang. Im from Toronto too. Go Lions!


Loved the pick. Solid O-Line is the way to go for a run game. Cowboys is a prime example.


    Man swift and Williams are going to be nasty this year. With blockers we got.

    Henri Hopgood

    The cowboys are perennially average and underachieving. I understand the philosophy tho


    @Henri Hopgood I think he is referring to the O line Emmit had


    @Henri Hopgood cowboys have bad amazing lines with emmitt and zeke when he first got in the league what are you talking about

Dirty Beef Curtains

So happy the Bengals are the Bengals and Penei fell to us! Dude has been practicing and training as both a LT and RT. Fricken elite athleticism and versatility for a kid that’s only 20. What a grand slam pick.

    Undead man Walking

    There is part of me that kinda feels bad for Joe

    Zack Ford

    @Undead man Walking I was saying a few hail Marty’s for him after they drafted chase but was jumping up and down with joy screaming like a kid again because I knew what it hopefully meant for us

    Chris Grissom

    Leave it to the bungals to always bungle lol . GO LIONS

Dylan Nickerson

A+ Draft. Lions should have a top 5 O-line, super excited!

    Optic Stainless

    Not yet but we have build a great oline quietly with Sewell decker and ragnow

    Aiden Geddes

    @Optic Stainless don’t forget about jonah

    Chris Salyer

    @Aiden Geddes yessir he’s not getting noticed much but very good player

    Optic Stainless

    @Aiden Geddes eh I guess he’s ok


I love his mindset. In your first year as GM with a bottom team in the league you don’t draft to fill holes. You play the long game and draft for the future. Awesome pick.

    Brandon Bennett

    Especially a guy who could end up best in the league in a few years

    Michael Marzook

    Exactly, Draft corner stones not filler players

    Tim Carter

    Bingo. In that scenerio, you always build from the inside out. More than any other position outside of QB, it is really difficult to obtain probowl level O-Line help in free agency, and more often than not teams end up overpaying. Love the pick. Sewell might be a lock number 2/3 pick had he played this year


Got both the Samoans on the right side. The Samoan Tsunami!!!! This run game is going to be insane!!

Van Immonen

amazing pick for our future and to solidify our Line for protecting goff and opening up the run game. now we should focus on defense and getting a receiver next

TheBrad Menendez

I really love Brad and the staff, he does a good job giving info but not giving out too much info, entertaining and communicates well. Have a great feeling about where we are going!!!!

    Callum Liddiard

    My thoughts exactly. He doesn’t overplay his hand but communicates to the media, and through them to us, very well. It’s refreshing!

Spencer Cranmer

Brad.. breathe brotha..You got time to build this team right. Whenever I see him wobble or be short on breathe you can tell how much he cares. Love the passion

    David C

    me too

    Cole Apollo

    pro trick: you can watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

    Toby Julian

    @Cole Apollo Yea, been watching on flixzone for years myself 🙂

Travis Rhoads

3 first rounders on that beast of an oline, possibly 3 pro bowlers soon.

The Caboose

What a solid pick, he doesnt have to be the best to still make an impact unlike an Okudah/QB pick. Even though he probably will be out best offensive lineman, eventually best in the league

Mr. Vōkits

I love this pick! There weren’t any defensive players rated as high. This is a historically deep WR class. Picking one in the first round is a luxury anyways. Plus, this guy’s ceiling is HOF. That’s ridiculous!

Big Wes Kivinen

Lets call the new O-line the Motown Maulers .It’s time to bite some kneecaps

Jason Thai

This dude is transparent! No runaround platitudes. These are questions that wouldn’t have been answered in the past. That goes a long way for the fan base and media. Thank you Brad!

Chris Grissom

The lions finally have an O line to be proud of… Mad respect

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