Detroit Lions’ Highlights from Lions vs. Eagles – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Great win Lions! Keep it up!

Don Bur

Detroit in the dam building


The music is incredibly annoying… but I also kind of dug it? Haha…

    Count Buffalo

    Yeah it was like this high pitched, squeaky bouncy loop that was super annoying. But I guess watching the Lions make some good plays to win the game made it better lol


    i get what you’re saying. i mean you’re incredibly stupid but i also find you kind of funny. lmfao

    Count Buffalo

    @David you clearly just want some attention that your not getting in the real world. Go put some cold water on your face and relax bro.

    Joshua James

    It’s like the intro music that never went away

Pats MightyMovers

Keep on marching LIONS!

    Pats MightyMovers

    I was at this one! One pride

Kyle Nitz

Detroit vs everybody!!

Jon Smith

Where is Amendola s must have 3rd down catch on sideline biggest clutch play on offense .it was late in the forth to keep clock going and ball in lions hands

    Sean Walters

    He’s been a great pick up. I’m liking what this offense is turning into

Dennis T

Nice Finish Team. Change Our Culture Change Our World 🌎.

Bill Duff

One at a time baby, KC… you’re next!

    RI Clan

    @Solly Parker lol

    Solly Parker

    @RI Clan that’s how confident I am that the Lions will lose by 14 or more

Bill Duff

What I dont get is fans complaining that Stafford cant win against good teams or on the road. Game 1 was frustrating, and I’d like to see them keep surgling and blow teams out instead of letting them back in the game but they’re winning … which is all that matters at the end of the day. According to national media chargers and Eagles just lost, they don’t give Detroit credit but if they keep progressing they’ll be getting credit by the end of the year. #ONEPRIDE




Say what u want bout SP & SP coaching but they’re taught to keep them HANDS UP during returns, shouldn’t have blocking n back for rest of the season.

Sean Walters

Great game! Loved the post-game locker room speech and celebration. Keep it going!

Jacob Olson

If they keep getting better we might have a shot at the playoffs


Oh my god why the awful music, just leave the audio as it is

bruce davis

What the hell did you say about myDetroit 🦁 lions..Go lions (new-year)…not the same old lions and our defense will get better game after game!!!

Chromium Dragon

What a roller coaster ride this game was!
Melvin: Glad you signed with the Lions; we needed you!

Sage Antone

Please never use that song with the rubber duckie effect again.


The white jersey with blue pants is the best Lions uniform


2:28 Slay gets tackled by Wentz lol


The Lions have been getting lucky the past 2 weeks but a win is a win and I’m happy

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