Detailing Minkah Fitzpatrick’s first practice | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Familia Tornillo Reply

Lov3 you steelers se you from mexico

    Christopher Harrington Reply

    Familia Tornillo Don’t drink the water, unless you want the squirts

Kevin daboss Reply

Cant wait to see our defense on sunday

    Christopher Harrington Reply

    Kevin daboss Mean Joe Green ain’t walking thru that door anytime soon Buddy, your Defense is terrible, now stop!!

    ChaseVarner777 Reply

    @Christopher Harrington youre probably a dolphins fan

    Bobby Johnson Reply

    @Christopher Harrington ya because Steelers never had any other good defensive players haha.

Cason Wrightt Reply

Minkah babay!

    Victor Johnson Reply

    Christopher Harrington 👈🏽😳#more garbage(stfu)!

Brian Erney Reply

Can Steelers win first football game finally?

    Christopher Harrington Reply

    Brian Erney Hahahaha that would be a NO

    Victor Johnson Reply

    @christopher harrington👈🏽👀#garbage!!

    Indigo God Reply

    Christopher harrington get slept.

    Dmeads 56 Reply

    These next two are winnable

    douglas williams Reply

    Yes I Confirm that, This is the New Life of Offence.

Most High Michael Reply

If the standard is the standard, why are we still building the defense two weeks into the season? Why are we hearing reports of #FireButlers defense being gassed two quarters into a game? Why were Coach Lebeaus defenses never gassed? Why did we get rid of Lebeau, Porter, Haley, Munchack Arians, Polumalu, Brown, Bell, Skipper, Carmella Lake, Harrison etc. before #FireTomlin? And why, if our Head coach is a defensive secondary guru, have our secondaries sucked so bad for so long? And why, if Butler is a linebacker guru, why are our linebackers mediocre at best? Coaching/leadership/desire are lacking big time in Pittsburgh and ownership needs to right this sinking ship sooner rather than later. Too much time money and talent wasted/lost under #FireTomlin.

    Branden G Reply

    Most High Michael and I like how u only responded to one point u have nothing to say about our win loss record since 2010 huh and for your info tomlin start coaching 2007 years later he still has the second most wins since 2010 that’s not cowher that too long of a gap for cowher to be the gap there both great coaches u should be honored to be a Steelers fan and have that kinda continuity but the stats don’t lie tomlins a great coach

    The Analyzer Reply

    @Branden G you are arguing with someone who has a problem looking at them self in the mirror. If he knew anything about this historic franchise and city he would know Steeler fans wanted Bill Cowher head also for the years he didn’t win. You can’t please everyone

    Branden G Reply

    The Analyzer facts

Jeffrey Vences Reply

*C’mon let’s get that first win already!!*
Where my Steelers fans at!!!!

    Christopher Harrington Reply

    Jeffrey Vences They went home, didn’t they tell you your season is over, now pack your bags. Go watch some Terry Bradshaw videos will ya.

    Jeffrey Vences Reply

    @Christopher Harrington …

    Victor Johnson Reply

    @christopher Harrington # garbage talk from garbage bandwagoner👈🏽👀

    B Zo Reply

    I really believe in Mason! We have one of the best O Lines in the league. We made it to the Superbowl with Neil O’Donnell because of a great D and O Line. Minkah is a huge addition for us! Love the direction we’re going in. #GO STEELERS!!!

Steel City Reply

Yeah this is going to be good!

JOSE 74 Reply


Rob M Reply

Let’s get that win have faith in you guys glad we got him

SteelCityBL!ZT Reply

“He’s Committed” = He means to keep Ben on the Bench, even Next season

Bobby Johnson Reply

If the Steelers defense doesn’t get better Keith butler needs to go.

    Rob M Reply

    I agree if they look horrible this year time to move on from him

    Ryan Maliek Reply

    Bobby Johnson It’s more Tomlin and Colbert’s fault than Butler. Tomlin runs that D, not Butler, and Colbert can’t seem to draft secondary players that are even competent let alone good.

    Joseph Moore Reply

    @Ryan Maliek Butler absolutely runs that defense, he uses that horrific 3-4 and calls terrible coverage mid game, he had Kelly first game shadowing Edelman from the safety spot.

Bobby Johnson Reply

Donte moncrief was absolutely right.

Jerry Mock Reply

He reminds me of rod woodson the way he carries he’s self

Gary Davis Reply

Rod Woodson is back, yeah!

Malik ElcoSS454 Reply

Excellent move by Steelers getting Minkah with him & TJ Wyatt defense will be good as it was 7 years ago.

Frank V. Reply

Moncrief will rebound. Just needs one catch to take the pressure off and then it’ll be all good. Lets go Steelers!!

    Ryan Maliek Reply

    Frank V. I think it’s more that broken finger not being fully healed.

Michael Turtle Reply

Put him at 25 so I can pretend Ryan Clark in lol

Luis Galvez Reply

Number 39 🤦‍♂️ c’mon Steelers yall got to give him a better number than that.

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