Desmond King Breaks Down How to Utilize Film Study, Playing Zone Coverage, & More | NFL Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Jeremy May

    Reported for spam yet again

    Jack Trippin777


Keaden Wheeler

King is the most underrated CB in the league

    Jay Walker

    @Keaden Wheeler bruh Desmond made the All-pro team and Jaire made the All rookie team that is respect which shows big things are coming for those young guys…

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Jay Walker u are right but nobody pay attention to king thats why he is soo underrated this dude didn’t even make the top 100 when people think of chargers they think of Philip Rivers Melvin Gordon Kalen Allen Mike Williams and on defense that 10 top defense and other players they don’t think of King at all

    Jay Walker

    @Keaden Wheeler That’s how it be I’m sure we can name many players who don’t get respect but guys like King will get his respect sooner than later

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Jay Walker Im a chiefs fan…if u can lock up Kelce thats very hard to do then u got to be a top 10 CB

vIQtory Sports

Great breakdown! Love the outside/inside leg alignment tendency

Jeremy May

I like these videos there oddly entertaining and fun I know it’s film study but it’s cool to hear them talk about what they see on the field


    i 100% agree!!! so much fun!!!

    Loanword Eggcorn

    Same here. Very educational and also entertaining. Gives a lot more insight into technique and good play.


    @Loanword Eggcorn I couldnt agree more

    Andruha Crazy

A sad Jets Fan

Desmond King is so underrated and versatile

    Jack Trippin777

    Sad really, next year too 100


    Could play starting outside linebacker for some teams!

    Jamal Washington

    yeah he cool.. he on my legacy team..

Lolo K

Wasn’t even on the Top 100. What a shame. One of the best slot CBs in the game.

    Tyler Cross

    Lolo K correction* the best slot CB

    Lolo K

    @Tyler Cross He’s my favorite ⚡⚡#BoltUp


    he got robbed big time 😤😤😤

    Andruha Crazy


Even with the loss of Derwin James, the jackboyz are still deadly

    Suyash Bhagwat

    You should watch Brett Kollmann’s breakdown on James and then maybe you’ll be a bit worried that he’s missing.

    Romie G

    Suyash Bhagwat yeah, it’s going to hurt without DJ back there but I think we’ll be okay as long as our DLINE is healthy & if we make this playoff push then DJ will be back just in time

    Suyash Bhagwat

    @Romie G I hope so man because Brett convinced me that he’s a pretty important piece of that Defense. Hopefully you lot will be alright.

    Romie G

    Suyash Bhagwat I’m not even going to lie, he really is an important part of our defense but hopefully he’ll come back stronger

    John Murphy

    @Suyash Bhagwat yes sir you are 100% right


Dont distract to the fact that King predicted his first NFL int was going to be a Pick 6. That was against the cowboys thanksgiving day.


    it was the best Thanksgiving of my life lol

    John Murphy

    @SOXCAL_13 mines to bro

Tyler Cross

Nfl teams need to stop sleeping on Iowa players, Kittle and King fell to the 5th round, couple years later kittle is the best TE and King is the best Slot CB

    SweetTee YNFS

    Woah there bud, you’re forgetting about that man in Kansas City, Missouri

    Hawksfan124 3

    I think your over hyping there a bit I think there both great but King is not the best slot CB

    N Siri

    PFF ranks him #1 slot cb and deservedly so.


    Not the best TE or Slot CB

    Andruha Crazy


I’m very impressed. King is a stud man chargers fan got a hell of a football player


    CHEVY B Desmond is a great CB and Punt Returner!! Go Chargers⚡️⚡️

Blot achu

King should have been in top 100.

Legend__ 21

Best slot CB in the league💪🏾💯⚡

    Julian Radillo

    @Bmore GEM no mames.

    Legend__ 21

    @Bmore GEM no

    Harry Mell

    Legend__ 21 yea I aint seen anyone on Harris level

    Legend__ 21

    @Harry Mell yea Harris is a beast but I’m a chargers fan so ima obviously be a little bias…they both good though

    Colby Jones

    Kenny Moore

Cruizee 87

Great knowledgeable CB, our secondary stacked Derwin didn’t get DROY i believe Nasir Adderley will this szn⚡️⚡️‼️💧

Rknee Gordon

I love this “I’m just lookin for work” ⚡️

Mr. Creasy

I LOVE these analysis videos!

Q Jefferson

Great intelligence and insight on the game. Desmond is emerging into a star. Excited to watch him play this season. #BoltUp

Martin ivey

That first play was everything I need to see! Wow what a play by king

Jack Harris

You love to hear an Iowa grad talk about wrestling no matter the sport


Damn DJ in that second play. I know this is about Desmond but that was a great play by Derwin. 2:07

    Loanword Eggcorn

    It was definitely a good play by Derwin, but he should also make it, being unblocked.


As an Aussie and an avid AFL fan, this sort of video is fantastic to help me understand your sport. Keep up the great work.

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