Deshaun Watson’s message to the Class of 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Vitalic Gaming Reply

Let’s go Texans

Ben Koskie Reply

look at deshaun man, so inspirational

Tim Ryan Reply

Fire O’Brien!

    Roberto Rodriguez Reply

    Geek Scouts yeah as a coach I’m fine with. Made some dumb choices (going for the fake punt) but besides that no real reason to let him go as a coach. We need a new GM though.

    Loco Bandito Reply

    I’ll stop simping if Texans fire BOB

    Tim Ryan Reply

    @Medival X No kidding!!!
    Likely going to have to wait until week 5 before the clown leaves.

    Tim Ryan Reply

    @Geek Scouts So your new GM can get someone that the coach doesn’t like and refuses to help?

    Osweiler was not called, not met at the airport, he was sitting in Houston for months without a playbook until the first day of training camp. O’Brien didn’t want to try to make that work. Used it to get himself closer to the GM role instead.

    If being GM means you better pick the choices the coach likes or else then the coach probably needs to go too.

    Tim Ryan Reply

    @Loco Bandito
    No Mister Loco Bandito, you must keep simping…long after the reckless turd is flushed from the Texans

    We all love it so! It brings joy to the entire village! Please keep simping!

Noah Lane Reply

As a 2020 HS Senior, I can say that Deshaun’s message was much appreciated

Abracadabra Records TV Reply

The Houdini of Houston!

Damian A Reply

The goat himself mf Watson

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