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Deshaun Watson vs. Patrick Mahomes | NFL 2019 Highlights

Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes duel it out at Arrowhead Stadium. The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Brener Walichowski Reply

Watson is a MVP contender

    sandman1347 Reply

    @Ray S Nah

    Hunter Kneifel Reply

    sandman1347 Yea dude watch some of the panthers games, McCaffrey is carrying that team. Not saying he is gonna win mvp but he’s top 5

    sandman1347 Reply

    @Hunter Kneifel Oh I’m not saying he’s not having a great season but it’s almost impossible for a RB to win MVP these days. Unless you go for 2000 you can pretty much forget it.

    Hunter Kneifel Reply

    sandman1347 You’re right tbh then. It’s a Qb’s league now

    Justin Pelkey Reply

    Wildon or Mahomes for me, but Watson isn’t far behind.

Aquaberry Reply

The next great QB Rivalry‼️ WATSON VS MAHOMES for years to come 🙂

    中華民族偉大復興 Reply

    Lamar Jackson will be better than both these two, just gotta keep him away from raising dogs or any pets

    Jaideep Singh Reply

    中華民族偉大復興 Are u tryna call him mike Vick but nah bro Watson is cold ASF If the Texans get some pass protection they might do some damage n ima cowboy fan

    SoDedicated6 Reply

    @中華民族偉大復興 No disrespect but we don’t eat dogs, cats and rats…

    Fumitsuki Nanakorobi Reply

    Aquaberry Should it be the Watson-Mahomes or Mahomes-Watson rivalry?

    中華民族偉大復興 Reply

    SoDedicated6 Neither do we. And no disrespect but we don’t eat road kills or sleep with our sisters like you do in your neck of the woods. 🤫

ItalianoD'Blaugrana Reply

People need to start putting some respect on Deshaun Watson’s name he’s just as good if not better than pat mahomes.

    Dre Pryor Reply

    Better naw but he’s definitely up there.

    Milds & That Yac Reply

    How is he not better? Mahomes had 53 completion percentage and Watson had 72% Mahomes has better weapons that in theory would carve the Texans alive but that didn’t happen

    Christopher Rogers Reply

    @Milds & That Yac he was better this time


    Dre Pryor nah he’s better

    Adrian Barnes Reply

    @KILLMONGER X stay off the drugs

Josh Q Reply

Down by 14 in the first quarter let’s go Texans

Deshaun Watson Reply

Put some respect on my name

    Eric Douglas Reply

    Deshaun Watson I said it on Facebook when we first drafted you you will esayly make it to the hof

    teddy yesid rodriguez arellano Reply

    You are the best

    HenrySims Vlogs Reply

    Deshaun Watson your not the real Deshaun Deshaun is more humble


    You still haven’t signed my comment…

Jon H Reply

Deshaun had 3 tds and 4 dropped tds. Texans are much improved but that chiefs defense is gonna be their un doing.

    Dre Pryor Reply

    Jon H Don’t forget the 2 int

    Jon H Reply

    Dre Pryor 1st one was terrible play design. 2nd one wouldn’t of happened In Hopkins caught the Td the play before.

    Matthew Roberts Reply

    @Jon H I dont think it was the play design. I think Fuller ran the wrong route. Not sure though.

    Dasani Reply

    @Dre Pryor the 1st one woulda never happened if Hopkins makes the td catch, and the other one was where a receiver ran a wrong route and led his man to the intended pass

    Victor Lott Reply

    Dre Pryor dont forget the dub🥰

3rd Coast Sports TV Reply

Mahomes Who. Put some respect on Watson name. Watch everyone make excuses for him all week and we lost our best corners and still won the game 😳🤭🤫

    Victor Lott Reply

    Adrian Barnes trash> chiefs

    trevor brookins111 Reply

    Can y’all win a super bowl y’all lose in the first round every time 🤣🤣🤣

    3rd Coast Sports TV Reply

    trevor brookins111 well see just everyone else

OTKP Reply

Excellent Young QB’s they did not disappoint in this match up

UnlimitedProduction1 Reply

This ended up just being Deshaun highlights lol

    seqouiaflame Reply

    @CIint Beastwood Looking in the mirror?

    Purple Blaze Reply

    Carlos A not even close. Both have incredibly different play styles and strengths

    D 21 Reply

    Carlos A more like Russell Wilson, Watson can throw dots

    CIint Beastwood Reply

    @seqouiaflame Not unless you are standing behind me.

    Miltonman100 Reply

    Devin Barnett man lets calm down. They not even same type of QB lol

Trunks Reply

Hope Watson can stay healthy, the guys a beast

Saint Aubyn TFG Reply


I’m not even a Texans fan, I’m a Packers fan. But I love seeing players prove these “experts” wrong lol

    Nestor Garcia Reply

    Who said that and can I have the link to a video of them saying that?

    Saint Aubyn TFG Reply

    Nestor Garcia go watch ESPN’s latest videos about deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. I’m not sending you no link, the videos are there

    Kiran Reply

    @Nestor Garcia Greg Jennings said Watson doesn’t have the ‘IT’ factor. It is all on youtube. Just look it up

TheBombDotCom Reply

This game could have easily been 50 to 24 by the texans.. 3 wide open TD passes dropped. Two by fuller and one by hopkins.. Texans are no joke

    guest man Reply

    TheBombDotCom no worries Kenny stills about to return. Will fuller keep dropping passes every week.


    3 by Fuller actually

HTX 713 Reply

3 easily catchable td passes dropped by fuller/Hopkins Watson should have had 4/5 passing td’s with 300+ yards and 2 rushing td’s

    Devin Barnett Reply

    HTX 713 exactly, Watson’s every bit as good as mahomes. Best 2 qbs for the next 10 years if they stay healthy

    MikeBeats713 Reply

    thats becoming a trend, not good

Charles Conner Reply

Imagine if Fuller and Hopkins didn’t drop those potential TD passes…Deshaun has got to be in MVP conversations now. Dude is doing more with less

    Miltonman100 Reply

    They wudve blown the chiefs out the water, left 28 points in the grass

    Charles Conner Reply

    @Miltonman100 they should’ve scored 50 plus again


    4 td passes dropped. Would’ve been a 7 td day for Watson. That’s insane.

Willie Prescott III Reply


    David Jones Reply

    Willie Prescott III I couldn’t believe they said that I wonder what they saw..

    J. R. Reply

    You remember that DUMB SH!T? THAT WAS EMBARRASSING. Some of these dudes actually played in the league. No wonder they’re not playing anymore. Probably couldn’t dissect a play to save their soul.

    Miltonman100 Reply

    MAGA Barstool had them Baker highlights on all summer

Amazing Sports Clips Reply

DW4 is mad underrated, it ain’t even funny at this point

HenrySims Vlogs Reply

Deshaun is a legend as he always say “let’s be great” he’s the most athletic quarterback

    Aon Doe Reply

    Not more athletic than Lamar

Oscarbudokai Reply

Deshaun gave the saints a run for their money in week one so props to him don’t sleep on the Texans

Hassan Shabazz Reply

Watson is just as good as Mahomes period.

Top Dawg Reply

It’s funny how only former patriot coaches can stop mahomes 😂💯

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