Deshaun Watson Pops Off for 400+ Yds & 5 TDs! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

That’s my QUARTER BACK 😤😤

    brian green

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy LMAO

3rd Coast Sports TV

Watson is that dude. But Fuller was the man today. Tim Kelly called a phenomenal game plan


    Jose Dino he actually did, Bill O’Brien no longer had a offensive play sheet with him o by he side. This is why the Texans took way more risks this game. Offense looked amazing too


    Falcons made too much of an effort tryna cover Hopkins, which allowed Fuller to have a huge game. They kept leaving him one on one.

    Astros Fan

    CAPN CRUNCH U yeah Fuller has the speed to burn anyone also. Can’t play him one on one too much.

    Bayou Burner

    O’Brien had a play sheet-They (He and Kelly) collaborate plays over their headsets.

    The goat

    Bill had just as much to do with the play calls

JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

Will fuller 217 yards and 3 TDs that has to be the best WR performance in a while

    Ellis K

    Plus 2 catches inside the 1, almost 5 TDs.

    Chris Devitt

    @Tom Skywalker he only had like 60 yards that game what you talkin bout

    Chris Devitt

    best game since julios 300 1 td


    I feel sorry for everyone who had him on their fantasy team & left him on the bench.

SKST Games

Watson lookin like Russel Wilson torching the Falcons


    @Bruce Taylor Deshaun is the first player in NFL history to have more than 400 yards, at least 5 touchdowns, and no more than 6 incompletions in one game. Think about all of the times the greatest qb’s throughout history have played against teams worse than the Falcons, yet none of them could do what Watson did this game stat wise. You mean to tell me that’s because of the Falcons? Did Tom Brady do this good when he played against the browns a couple of years back? Nope. Did any other great quarterback do as good as Watson against a bad team? Nope. Quit trying to downplay amazing stats just because you don’t want him to succeed.

    Kim Farrison

    Better than Wilson

    J. R.

    @CAPN CRUNCH U Great analysis. Haters don’t see truth.

    Mr. Brown

    Man haters gonna hate! Watson is the truth, i just wish he didn’t take so many hits and sacks! Houston has got to do a better job of protecting him.

    Anthony Mosley

    @CAPN CRUNCH U 🔥🔥🔥🔥 analysis

I'm Glad My Fans Are So Dumb

Deshaun Watson > Jack Goff


    Goff is a certified bum. He’s getting exposed without Gurley.

    brian henry

    The rams have one of the best offensives in the game.  How is that being exposed?

    Agent_WestCoast A

    DW >>>>> LJ.

Orbitz _

The Texans scored 37 points in the second half

Loyal Philly fan

Should bump him up to a 87 overall madden

    Jose Dino

    Loyal Philly fan hopefully he gets the hero and Fuller gets the LTD

    Loyal Philly fan

    I think Wentz and Watson should both be x-factors

    James Jackson

    Loyal Philly fan can’t believe people still promote that garbage EA puts out every year lol. But hey it’s the only football we have so I get it..

    Charles Box

    Who every gets the upgrade they are going on my madden team for sure

Boss Hoss

Deshaun Watson is hands down a Top 5 QB in the NFL.


    @Wesley Beasley wilson?

    Trev Mac

    @LeBron Should Retire in my mind if you are considered number 6 in anything you are still in line for just a participation medal

    Mr. Brown

    Easily top 5, and he plays behind an atrocious o-line to boot. Keep him upright and hell take you where you want to go!

    brian green

    ab ‘ no u just racist

    Gideon Ozumba

    Wesley Beasley Wilson?😂

Dem Morales

Watson and Fuller need to be consistent like this. If they are, this will be a scary offense in the playoffs.

    Frantz Lenin

    If they consistently did this they would be the two best players in NFL history lol

    Agent_WestCoast A

    Can Fuller stay healthy is the question?


Watson turned into Wilson on that second play

    Antonio Wright

    No he has been like that since age 15!!!

    Jack Shenkman

    He’s been doing that

    Agent_WestCoast A

    How did you miss his performances at Clemson?


Deshaun Watson: Since Cam’s not here, I’m going to be Superman

    Hanif Martin

    @DoggoCAT yeah right you hating

    Sam Gross


    dre d

    Cam is like an older brother to Deshaun so i’m not surprised.

    Agent_WestCoast A

    More like Batman since he gets things done.

Yo Yo

Watson best quarterback in the afc south


    Yo Yo lol that’s not even a debate, I think he would even be better than Patrick Mahomes if he had a good coach!

    Ellis K

    Better than the other 3? c’mon man.

    J. R.

    @Ellis K Whose better and how? Maybe the league.


    Yo Yo top 5 in the league easily

    Dalton Watson

    @Ellis K Minshew, Brissett and Mariota. Name one of those 3 that’s better.


My dude watson was chillin in da backfield today😂 he coulda taken a nap


    This how Mahomes feels lol

    austen calhoun

    corinth202 Not against the Colts

Hector Rodriguez

Waston For 2019 NFL Offensive player player of the year



    Rockermom Varga

    Certainly OP of the Week 2nd time this year. He was magical!!

    Agent_WestCoast A

    The guy in Kansas City might win it, but Watson deserves it this week.


    @Agent_WestCoast A Nope. CMC does.

    Lee Brown

    Hector Rodriguez CMC


When your quarterback has 84 points

VonteVB B

2:49 dude stop it give it back or im telling mum !!


    My guy I was thinking almost the exact same thing XD

Random Nothingness

Deshaun Watson is good at playing quarterback….

Cool Breeze

Amazing what happens when he has time to go through his progressions.


Watson > wentz lol this dudes a stud


The 3 dislikes for this is from Matt Ryan, Julio, and Freeman lmao

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