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Deshaun Watson Leads 2 Minute Drill Scoring Drive

Deshaun Watson takes the Texans downfield for a Ka'imi Fairbairn 22-yard field goal. The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Houston Texans during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Josue Tejada Reply

Jaguars were supposed to be improved this year, but then the injury bug hit them

Jesse Sherman Reply

How is Daks 50 yd run not on here lmao

    Vin Piz Reply

    Probably cuz he’s not playing in this game.

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    Vin Piz well good thing I commented on a NFL video on YouTube question why channel doesn’t post it bud .

Seal Reply

Cowboys & Texans gonna take the w today

    f1r1n1e Reply

    Seal redskins can never make a comeback

    Seal Reply

    I called it

    f1r1n1e Reply

    Seal if redskins go 16-0 then….. idk what to where off to a bad start

    Seal Reply

    @f1r1n1e ? Cowboys already won..

    f1r1n1e Reply

    Seal ik

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

Ravens V Texans will be a fun game to watch

    Drunk On Memes Reply

    Have mercy

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball Reply

    Hopefully both QBs can stay healthy till then.

    Broken King Reply

    Tunsil got injured
    We will see


So much invested into o-line for Texans and Watson can’t even breath

    SEMPER FI Reply

    Time is all they’ve had bro BILL OBRIEN HAS given me major anxiety! His coaching is not worthy!

    SEMPER FI Reply

    And what’s up with the PENALTY FL sick of these ticky tack penalties NFL has gone full sjw

    Adrian Prebeck Reply

    Oline coach is TERRIBLE

    SEMPER FI Reply

    Adrian Prebeck someone needs to be cut and soon ! This has been what 4 years of excuses ?

    Adrian Prebeck Reply

    @SEMPER FI can’t almost lose a game to minshew🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ especially when you have that high power offense on paper

STCB Prod. Reply

He is looking like Rookie Watson.

Texan Football Houston Reply

Watson is a beast

Prabodh Rao Reply

The coaches had terrible time management there

Boo Kalifa Reply

Watson be gunnin that damn ball hard asf🤣🏈🔥

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply

Houston found a franchise QB.🙂📸📱

    Broken King Reply

    Franchise???? More like HERO 😁

    Eric Silver Reply

    If only we could actually protect him

    D1nonly1 Reply

    We’ve know that since week 3 ’17 season after he torched the Pats D, and O’Brien couldn’t close out again of course.

Don Don Reply

I Like what I see from Akins so far

Nick Hunter Reply

Good lord, that offensive line is a disaster

richard escobar Reply

Jalen ramsey is sure gonna be quiet this year.

Kirk Moore Reply

The Washington Foreskins getting a asskicking! Hey, Adrian! These ‘boys ani’t 5 years old!

simplegreen808 Reply

Why didn’t Bill O use his F’ing timeouts? You should never end up with 9 seconds in the red zone and 2 timeouts remaining? 🤦🏾‍♂️ We have a great QB but everyone around him except Hopkins is just letting him down over and over

    Devin Saenz Reply

    I blame it on coaching and defence. We kept getting run over by people, its like they’re afraid to tackle. Also Watt hasn’t been the same since 2015, I think he knows it too so I suspect a retirement from him soon. If only he didn’t get injured so much

    Eric Silver Reply

    @Devin Saenz if we still had Clowney then teams couldn’t put almost all their attention on jj, mercilus is great but it’s not the same

Blue Air Reply

Hold the L jaguars

Ross Martinez III Reply

As a completely-sick-of-losing Texans fan: Watson is the only reason I don’t tell Texans management to go and F themselves.

LeDarin Henry Reply

His success will be limited under the Bill O Brien regime…

Dwight Howard Reply

It takes time for an o-line to get on the same page I say they’ll be dominant bye week 6


We finally got us a franchise QB and these idiots need to protect him better! Can’t afford to loose this man due to injuries

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