Deshaun Watson Highlights vs. Jaguars | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Deshaun Watson Highlights vs. Jaguars | NFL 2019

Deshaun Watson threw for 159 yards and rushed for 1 touchdown against the Jags. The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Houston Texans during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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The thumbnail 😂😂😭

Ka Kjj

Deshaun Watson got a highlight video before Russel Wilson??? Keep hating on Seahawks nfl


    Ka Kjj the Texans game ended before the hawks 😂? Chill

    Dem Morales

    What you mean?! The Seacocks are one of the NFL’s most catered teams.


He good

My next subscriber gets $1000 dollars


    Alright I just subbed, how you wanna do this, PayPal or what?

Noah Lane

There weren’t many… Our home openers recently have not been good. Let’s be better next week!


Watson is the most sacked qb in the league now 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Erik Arizpe

    Beyond_a_funnynigga he technically only got sacked 2 times the others were from running out of bounce and dropping the ball and recovering it

    A sad falcons Fan

    Have you ever seen a falcons game?

    Donovan Jackson

    Got to give jags defense credit.Divion games are always the hardest beacause nobody wants to give up ground.Have to get the line issue taking care of.It looks more a issue of being on the same page especially when people sense blitzes be it from additional linebacker or db.Tytus Howard got a real lesson today which I think will serve him well.He went against one of the top defensive lineman in the league in campbell.Have to clean that up quick fast and in a with that being said Watson has to help his lineman out also when he see his offensive lineman getting beat. Hopefully sooner than later our offensive line will build that relationship where watson can just sit back and do through all his reads.

Ka Kjj

Dak, Allen, Kyler and deshawn got a highlight video before Russel Wilson 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Andrew K

    They’re all better

    KM 5173

    Andrew K No they’re not.

    Andrew K

    @KM 5173 no sarcasm at all


Highlights??? With practically no offense??

Luka Nomashera

what a thumbnail


Texans and Colts will battle all season for the division. Jags will hold down 4th place with grit and tenacity.


That boy Deshaun is like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson combined, he’s just too nice. All he needs is a OL (Offensive Line).

    Abraham Alvarez

    @KM 5173 aaron rodgers shouldnt even be used in the same sentence as Watson dude is still trash

    KM 5173

    Abraham Alvarez Which one is trash AROD or Watson?

Rahim Jamal Jones

Whoever disliked is a Jags Colts or Titans fan for sure !…..

Ivan Gonzalez

We need to play stills way more BOB is a joke

    Zuriel Garcia

    He’s prolly still unfamiliar with the system.

young fool dmyzio

As a Texans fan even I can say this game was boring

Dem Morales

Hate to see my QB under pressure every single pass play.

Gary Zee

we NEED a better o-line or Deshaun gets injured again


Honestly watson played poorly. Hopefully he watch the film again and work on his mistake. Every team need to be better and be prepared or else the rest of the team will run over them. Get it together guys

    Max Rothgaber

    ruben27lozano dude was under pressure 99% of the plays lmao and I’m not even a Texans fan. Their O line is trash


    @Max Rothgaber all I know he’ll be following to Luck path soon….

03 AI

Offense line is trash

Frankie Garza

We need more press coverage, this game damn near have me a heart attack.

Manolo Martinez

Kenny, hopkins and watson gonna be dangerous if they can get themselves some solid linemen that can stay low

Grant McIntyre

Can we talk about how in Deshaun’s run #76 all he did on that play was almost tackle Deshaun

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