Deshaun Watson Finishes w/ 351 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Deshaun Watson Finishes w/ 351 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

Deshaun Watson throws for 351 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Chargers in Week 3. The Houston Texans take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Yeng Vang Reply

Wow. He’s good. Very good.

Grizz Reply

Only qb I’m taking before Watson is pat mahomes Watson the truth

    James Williams Reply

    @Alonzo Lopez you know why people did not give your trash texans any credit last year? Because you beat bum teams all year and when you faced a legit team in the colts you got bounced in the playoffs lol so come on tell me your excuses for that lol

    Shawn Christianson Reply

    James Williams I can’t wait until Mahomes completely blows the doors off the Texans. The Watson fan girls will then realize Watson is no greater than Phillip Rivers. Has nice stats but isn’t a winner

    James Williams Reply

    @Shawn Christianson exactly these Texans fans are delusional

Nick Hess Reply

No matter how hard the defense tries to give the game away, Watson comes away with the W

    mr wong Reply

    Nick Hess watson was incredible but the defense was good this game tbh. Only gave up 3 in the second half lol

    culam nguyen Reply

    mr wong secondary is still garbage bob needs to ask Miami about Xavier Howard

    Diamond Boy Reply


    Ban Wells Reply

    Watson gave the Chargers the first 7 points of the game.

ablackprep Reply

People forgot about Deshaun Watson he was balling 🏈 out of control before he got injured 🤕

    LeBron Should Retire Reply

    dre d nobody says that besides Skip Bayless because he’s a Dallas homer

    dre d Reply

    @LeBron Should Retire Literally every Cowboys fan thinks Dak is a better QB.

    LeBron Should Retire Reply

    dre d Cowboys fans will say anything. Zeke is the #1 priority for defenses to stop, always has been always will be. Best O-line in the game too, Watson has neither of those things. If Watson has a mediocre game, they get smoked, if Dak has a average game then Elliot probably ran for 125 behind that stacked line

    dre d Reply

    @LeBron Should Retire You aren’t lying 90% of the time if Deshaun doesn’t ball the Texans get blown out of the water.

    HTX Reply


3rd Coast Sports TV Reply

Watson shows why he’s special once again. The man is just great.

    3rd Coast Sports TV Reply

    Dominic Delgado yep they can definitely grow because they’ve played nothing but legitimate pass rushing units to start the season

    RJPompa Reply

    As a fan the only thing that worries me is that he holds the ball a little to long. An he gets hit.

    3rd Coast Sports TV Reply

    RJPompa he was holding the ball because no receivers are open the broadcast view doesn’t show his receivers getting locked up when he tries to make magic happen

    RJPompa Reply

    3rd Coast Sports TV completely agree. I guess it’s just one of those things where, I just have to hope our franchise qb doesn’t get killed.

    3rd Coast Sports TV Reply

    RJPompa I feel you

UnlimitedProduction1 Reply

This ism the best use of TE I think I ever seen

    Joel #MOG Paulino Reply


Miltonman100 Reply

He always play so much better under pressure it makes no sense . The better the team he faces, the better he plays . Dammit love him as our QB

    Angel One Reply

    Exactly. Its like he molds to the situation.

Joe Jackson Reply

Watson haters just waiting for him to have a bad game I’m pretty sure they look like this …….(👴🏻)

    Blade Runner Reply

    Old, male and bald?

    Zach Coffman Reply

    @Blade Runner I think they trying to say white and racist which is hilarious if they are

    fassabil Reply

    I don’t think many people hate our dislike Watson… dude is a class act and an excellent player

Diego Reply

Is this the guy y’all said was worse than Baker Mayfield? LOL

    Devin Barnett Reply

    Haha it’s not even close right now

    The goat Reply

    Not even close 😂

    Mac Burnett Reply

    @Devin Barnett it’s never been close

    R J Reply

    I couldn’t believe that.

Stanley Brandt Reply

Watson is the truth.

DivineForcesBro Reply

Dats my QB

Jay Lawson78666 Reply

O’Brien really had the nerve to do. Flea flicker with our qb after seeing what happeneded to Joe theisman

    Monday Jizz Reply

    Would you have rather him called a draw up the middle…that was the best call of the game

    Rodrick Sherrod Reply

    It worked tho

    The goat Reply

    Y’all still find ways to hate on bill🤦🏽‍♂️

Rell Facts Reply

Remember when Watson was a future MVP? Since Mahomes has arrived, Watson doesn’t get nearly the amount of buzz he got in his rookie season and he’s still a stud.

    Culture Cultivator Reply

    As a Texans fan I noticed that, but Mahomes and that offense are the new greatest show on turf. Deshaun will have is chance to announce himself in KC on Oct. 13th 🤘🏼

    Johny Reyes Reply

    I think those two will go head to head for MVPs in the next 5 years.
    Maybe Lamar Jackson can get in on that action if he increases his accuracy

William Pleasant Reply

O-Line did what they needed to do for Watson! Texans baby!!!

    Vangaven Robles Reply

    Bro idk what team you are watching but our O-line has been pretty bad this year letting Watson get sacked about 5 times every game and having him take hits he doesn’t need to :/

    mems1224 Reply

    @Vangaven Robles Watson deserves his fair share of the blame. At least half of his sacks this year are him holding the ball too long and trying to make a play. The o-line was great today

BigCDS Reply

Laremy Tunsil is holding down that left side(blinside). Dude is legit.

    D Mc Reply

    We gave up a lot for him but it is worth it. You have to protect your franchise QB and he is doing that.

    Monday Jizz Reply

    @D Mc plus we also got stills and right now hes playing like hes worth that 2nd first we gave up

    Miltonman100 Reply

    Scharping did extremely well at LG too . That whole left side was amazing . Whole OL infact . Howard playing his natural position

    Cristian Gutierrez Reply

    @D Mc Don’t forget, we also got Stills in that trade and he’s been pretty clutch!

dispirited Reply

not a Houston fan but always a Clemson fan good to see deshaun doing well in the nfl 🙏🏼

Alam Solano Reply

Watch these highlights and then watch tonight’s Baker highlights. All of the “Analysts” that put Baker ahead of THE GOAT DESHAUN WATSON need to be checked into a mental institution.

    Cristian Gutierrez Reply

    If you’re talking about NFL Top 100 players, that’s voted by the players. So that’s on the players

    Alam Solano Reply

    Cristian Gutierrez No. Before the season many analysts named their list of top QBs for the 2019 season. Many disrespected Deshaun because of overhyping the Browns.

    Cristian Gutierrez Reply

    @Alam Solano Really?! I didn’t even know that!

    Alam Solano Reply

    Cristian Gutierrez yep. Just like everyone had the Browns top 8 teams to watch. And the Texans at like 16

Issachar Reply

As a bears fan, I’m so mad. The bears coulda been unstoppable with Watson or Mahomes but our racist owners will never draft a black qb

    M K Reply

    Mahomes is white though

    David Jones Reply

    M K he’s black 😂😂💀

    M K Reply

    David Jones
    are we looking at the same person? His skin is paper white.

    David Jones Reply

    M K ok if u say so 😂😂

    Paul George is Micah Bell Reply

    @M K look up how his dad looks

beau jacobs Reply

Sugar deshaun 😍
Packers fan but Texans are my fav AFC team. Watt, Hopkins and Watson 👍

Duncan Pinderhughes Reply

Bears probably wishing they drafted Deshaun or Mahomes right now but I guess having a white QB is all that really matters.

    Rodrick Sherrod Reply

    Nah they’ll take that one to the grave.

    M K Reply

    Duncan Pinderhughes
    Mahomes is white too

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