DeSean Jackson Picks Up 154 Yds & 2 TDs vs. Redskins | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Justin Bonilla Reply

I swear this man will never lose his speed

    BigDal8604 Reply

    Justin Bonilla he’s like Joey Galloway

    guest man Reply

    Asking his legs stay healthy he’s good to go

    Isaac. H Reply

    I got to see him in college and this man is insanely fast up close. He speed is crazy

    Ninix23 Reply

    BigDal8604 Joey Galloway is trash lol

    J Smoove Reply

    Yeah like every good db always say Desean Jackson is crazy fast. Xavier Rhodes just said it last year lol. Father Prime

Kenneth Reply

Welcome home Desean

Darth Vaper Reply

Mike vick eagles jackson is back damn

    Football Productions Reply

    Micheal Vick and desean Jackson was the best duo in Madden 13 in the day

Whitman Wirthlin Reply

my biggest takeaway from the game was howard needs more carries, this offense is infinitely better than anyone he’s been on, more carries.

    hamhockbeans Reply

    @SmithN’ Wesson I am sure that will increase. Doug gets hard headed every now and then. He did it 2017 in the Cheifs game by not running at all. Well he heard it from the players and changed that.

    phillabadboy05 j Reply

    Yes! This! Howard and Sanders need more touches. Sproles needs way less..He shouldnt have the most touches at the end of the game. Doug uses sproles just a bit too much. Oh and someone should teach the DB’s how to tackle cuz damn LOL

    Jim Worton Reply

    Sproles was beast on the 2 pt I thought they had him but yea Howard ran the best all good Carrie’s ran hard pushed defenders back for 2-3 more yards each time he runs tough

    Dlove Reply

    Eagles also need to start the games faster they had that same problem last yr and lost alot of close games they need to start faster

Ge In Reply

Desean proving that chip whats his name was the biggest mistake the eggs ever made.

    Sotero A. Gomez Reply

    Well, maybe they wouldn’t have drafted Wentz….

    Fallible Angel Reply

    UCLA football finding out the hard way about Chip now. 😂😂😂

    Shane Pleasants Reply

    Fallible Angel was thinking same thing lmao

    BrandonDetroitfan Michaels Reply

    @A.J Fraley But you did win a ring without him!

    Ty Nao Reply

    @A.J Fraley yeh because of Chip we got burned and Roseman & Lurie said “we need to go in house with somebody who can connect with QBs instead of a big name college coach and system guy” and it definitely worked out lol

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Jackson will be making a killing all season long no doubt.

    edwin celestin Reply

    MRTUPAC 28 and the thing is, if you double him, whose gonna cover Alshon, Nelson, Zach, and Dallas, and don’t forget about Darren, miles and Jordan in the backfield smh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Andy Tran Reply

    edwin celestin bruh and that’s not all… JJAW will be out there too. Too many weapons it’s scary tbh

Dewitt McDidditt Reply

Looked like the 2010 Eagles mixed with the 2017 Eagles out there. Damn. This team is looking super dangerous.

    Skeptical Fan Reply

    Until DeSean Jackson gets hurt.

    BIRD FLOCK Reply

    @Skeptical Fan butthurt cowgirls fan

    Get Skraight to it Reply

    Skeptical Fan wishing injury on someone🤔foh

    Anish Heda Reply

    BIRD FLOCK wtf is wrong with you. It’s one thing to talk trash, it’s another to wish injury on someone.

Michael Hanna Reply

Desean Jackson vs his older teams be like

philly_ sports Reply

Been waiting for this for six years. Did not disappoint.

    Andy Tran Reply

    hamhockbeans without chip jelly we don’t have a ring. Butterfly effect 🧐

    Frankiezzz Flores Reply

    What about LeSean McCoy…?

    khalil thompson Reply

    I wish Mike Wallace came back to the Steelers 😒

Loyal Philly fan Reply

He cooked his former team while playing for his former team lol

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    ThaBombTrolling look at them stats boi

    Nicholas Jackson Reply

    @ThaBombTrolling Did you even watch the game? It started out 17-0 Redskins and the Eagles came back 32-10 afterwards. DeSean beat them down in the second half

    Braun Strollmen Reply

    He’s saying Jackson was great he’s had 150 plus yards

    Your Uncle Ismail Reply

    The Eagles basically allowed the Redskins a td near the end of the game. They were more focused on running down the clock

    Almighty Pushhh Reply

    ThaBombTrolling HE meaning INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE. Most definitely cooked the Redskins

Loyal Philly fan Reply

And people tried to hate and say “he’s washed up” 😂


    On God

    Elijah Moh (em1101) Reply

    people been sleepin on him cuz he didnt have a qb with an arm after he separated from vick


    Loyal Philly fan but let’s be real marquise brown is a Desean Jackson clone

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Every time they say that he makes another epic long catch.

Eaglez 830 Reply

This is why he was and still my football inspiration/idol growing up my favorite WR of all-time glad he’s back. F*** Chip Kelly. #FlyEaglesFly

    Jvstobandzz Reply

    Eaglez 830 – my favorite player of all time 🦅🦅🐐🐐

    Russell Petaia Reply

    damn bro! Same here used to watch his videos back then when quality was 144p haha

    gman2015 Reply

    Same here. Chip Jelly was terrible n one of my favorite days was when he was fired. Sam Badford was a joke.

Edgar Real dude Reply

Yo Eagle fans to remember when he took that punt to the house yall needed that to go playoffs against the Giants classic

    Ronney Augustine Reply

    Miracle at the meadowlands 3. And the trilogy will be complete.

    c0oked Reply

    Thats probably one of my favorite games ever

    The Spy Reply

    Ironically that win put Green Bay in the playoffs and the Packers knocked the Eagles off in the first game.

    c0oked Reply

    @The Spy kinda like last years season. Just with the bears instead of the packers

Elijah Moh (em1101) Reply

Wentz and Djax duo will be deadly

freddy and foxy Reply

This guy feel like he’s going to be fast until he’s 40

    mikevismyelement Reply

    Steve Smith was. Desean reminds me of him

    Tony Jr Reply

    Some guys are naturals

    freddy and foxy Reply

    @Tony Jr like him

    Tony Jr Reply

    @freddy and foxy yep

g henry Reply

Don’t want to put too much pressure on and jinx, but Desean Jackson has the potential to be the MVP of this team bc defenses have to double-cover/double-team Ertz or Jeffrey, which will leave Jackson wide open all day, and if they double-cover Jackson, then Ertz and Jeffrey will be open all day. May God bless the health of this team this year so they all can have standout seasons they deserve. They are all good players.

    Philly Prince Reply

    And other weapons like Ahgolor, Goedert, Hollins and Arcega-Whiteside along with the run game. This offense is elite.

    Jason Baldwin Reply


ReinSouls Reply

It feels so nice to see Jackson back in an Eagles uniform.

    Christopher A Reply


    Angle7896 Reply

    And his number 10

Nicholas Jackson Reply

I told y’all he didn’t lose his speed. Winston just sucks

    Alberto Torres Reply

    Winston: you see this right here?! (Puts hands up and does a W with his fingers) I’m hungry, I’m hungry for a W!!! Whose hungry with me?

    Djax: looks on… TF????!

    Kyle Miller Reply

    It also didn’t help DJAX that Mike Evans was there taking all the deep targets

    Whodunit Reply

    @Kyle Miller THAT was probably the biggest deal there

    Nasir Amaru Reply

    FACTS 😁😁😁

    Brayden PlayZ Reply

    Saw your comment on another video from 3 years ago

Rell T Reply

Welcome home DeSean Jackson, never should’ve let him go.

    Rell T Reply

    @D Bailey No its welcome home because Philadelphia is his home

    Tim Doyle Reply

    Wish they got McCoy back too but McCoy is a good fit in kc. So good to see that number 10 eagles jersey, it looks so right lol

    Rell T Reply

    @Tim Doyle I wish also but we’re so stacked at running back I don’t know how that would work but I am happy he’s at least with Andy Reid but man it was just amazing see DJax get that first touchdown in Eagles green.

    Tim Doyle Reply

    Rell T true 😂 philly has enough backs right now just for nostalgia purposes it would be cool to have McCoy back

    Rell T Reply

    @Tim Doyle Yeah man but you know Andy Reid is going to take care of Shady.

Maz Da Reply

What a horrible weekend for Chip Kelly. First he loses to San Diego. Now, Jackson is back with the Eagles and had a monster game.

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