DeSean Jackson: Lamar Jackson Is ‘New Era of Michael Vick’ | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Johan Raphael

I’m rooting for him but not setting expectations too high.

Prove me wrong DJ!


    Johan :Why such low expectations? It wouldnt be his age 35 would it.

Sally L

Hey DeSean! Welcome to the Ravens! I for one am glad to have you! You’ve got a proven record and most fans r very happy to have you!
Go Ravens! 🏈💜🏈

    Troy Jones

    nah most fans hatin


    @Troy Jones Facts 90% of comments I’ve seen are hating the signing

    Troy Jones

    @thisguy4798 factz

    Sally L

    @Troy Jones , Just trying to stay positive and on the slim chance he or his camp see this to start off with love and positivity .( sadly hard to stay positive these days but I try when I can)
    .So much hate these days unft.

Blade Brown - Coont Noont Luva

I hope DJ ball out with us. Real talk.

antonio williams

Let’s get it D Jax… you spoke this into fruition. Now show the world you’re not finished‼ You bring a different dynamic to the team that is imperative. (game-changer) Now, please stay healthy so you can display it‼

Will O.

My expectations aren’t high but man wouldn’t it be nice if he could ball out like Steve Smith did for us?


    steve smith was 10 times the receiver this guy ever was and was 5 years younger this signing is pathetic

    Demarcus cousins III

    @streetracer1086 bro gotta be the most negative person ever, have some optimism bro u never know. I would’ve rather DJ moore or Obj or sum but it’s the ravens so here we go

    Anthony Anderson

    @Demarcus cousins III Bargain basement old receivers is what the Ravens do. This guy’s MO the last few years is in come into a new situation, get a long TD pass or 2, start getting annoyed about not getting more targets, then shown the exit. If he can at least tide us over until Bateman is back I guess it’s whatever.


    @streetracer1086 As soon as I heard this annoucement I thought about steve smith.Whenever the ravens are desperate to improve their wr spots in a critical point in time they find a former veteran wr or player that had many great years during their youth & sign them at the tail end of the career when the production is declining.

    Michael Musick

    I never dreamed Steve Smith would do what he did.


Hope everyone welcomes this man. Seems like a great dude and an absolute legend. It’s an honor to have him and he may come in clutch, time will tell

    James Lee

    The thing he’ll bring is the ability to improvise on the fly

    Jacob Watson

    Hopefully no more antisemitism from him


    @Jacob Watson as a Raven’s fan I can assure you we have other things to be concerned about than his tweets. And yes, we do welcome him

Carleon Mkwakwami

Jackson to Jackson …I hope we hear that all season long!!

ashton woods

W signing can’t wait to see him on that field🔥😈

Curtis Banks

Welcome and hopefully you can show the young WR how to make defenses honest.

Kenron Barnes

Him talking to lamar about routes is awesome.. I love the mindset he processes 💪🏿 let’s go ravens


    Yeah, hopefully Roman finds a way to use him. We’ll see

    Kenron Barnes

    @Blax I’m praying for the same thing 🙏🏽💯

    Brian Wentzell

    “Bro, go over the top.”

    “I gotchu bro.”

Silk Goose714

Hopefully he does well, GO RAVENS!🖤💜

Alexis Zepouka

Welcome to Ravens. I am rooting for you, man. Good luck 👍🏾

Banks Law

The one thing I can say is that the young Wr did a veteran voice in their group someone to go to and ask questions who has seen multiple coverages. That alone makes this a good signing

Billal Mohamednur

Lamar Jackson and Desean Jackson connection I can’t wait for this 🏈🏈


Michael Vick was one of my favorite QB while playing with the falcons. Ravens always was my team

    tmbro Banks


Donnell Roane

I feel like Dasean is focused, yea he’s old, but his mindset seems to be where it should be!! WE NEED HIM! Hopefully Bateman can get healthy, I feel Durvernay should be WR1 , Bate WR2, and DJack in the slot! Him and Porche sharing time in the slot!!! Hopefully this move opens up our passing game! As far as receivers, we already have the best TE group in the NFL!

    Supa Stackman

    35 is old now 😂what you call Tom Brady then.

    Leroy Jones

    He 1 of those players that gets out of bound after the catch. Either that or a touchdown. He’s not about to be taking alot of hits.

    Anthony Anderson

    @Leroy Jones So basically we traded away the younger version of him in the offseason and now have the old version. Got it.

    Leroy Jones

    @Anthony Anderson basically he’s just older!

Tyler H.

Imagine the Ravens going up against the Eagles in the SuperBowl this season. What a game 🎯

C Los

I love having vets like him come through. The Ravens culture is unlike any other in football and it tends to give older player a boost in energy. Let’s get it Djax!

Jake Wilson

As a Eagles fan I wish DeSean Jackson the best in Baltimore!!! Let’s go Eagles and Let’s go Ravens!!! Fly Eagles Fly and Ravens Flock!!!



    Dariun Montgomery

    Hopefully it’s the Super Bowl we see

    Celly Moe

    I swear I think this year super bowl is ravens vs eagles I would love that


D-Jack is going to surprise a lot of folks in the NFL. Welcome to Baltimore! Let’s go!! 😎

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