Derwin James Gives First Update Since Injury, “If you love ball, you’re willing to do it” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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SoCal619 Chargers Reply

Derwin James a beast!!!. Get better G’. The Boltz & I can’t wait till your out on the field…@ Chargers, sign Eric Berry.

    Alexander Seyde Reply

    He is arguably the most important player on the team other than Phillip

    Jeremy B Reply

    Alexander Seyde Adrian philip ?

    Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов Reply

    I agree what can we lose his contract would be really cheap.

    OceansideBoy760 Reply

    SoCal619 Chargers

    danell gardeley Reply

    Riley Ladiero lol average joes calling an nfl player washed 🤦🏽‍♂️

Giovani Sarria Reply

Coach James☄️🔥

SoCal619 Chargers Reply

Bolt Gang! Or Don’t Bang!!!. From DayGo to LA.

    C Bleezy Reply

    right on man!!! So SoCal

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    Yessir⚡⚡⚡… and like the profile pick bro💯

Russell 21 Reply

I love you DJ ⚡️⚡️

lyleabrahams Reply

As much as I want DJ on the field take your time with him before letting him play…. I hate to say it, even if its all year. *Side Note – whats with the devastating injuries to our star players… I swear it feels like a curse. Get Healthy Bolts!

    DubsBrown Reply

    Schottenheimer curse

    Star Destroyer_E19 Reply

    It’s a chargers curse

Armando Verdugo Reply

I want him in the game as soon as possible but i hope hes 110% when he finally plays

BuToWavy Reply

DJ best safety in the league. Hopefully we sign Eric Berry if Nas is gonna play special teams all year. Hopefully not

    artfire28 Reply

    He’s risky. I would offer little amount for caution.

    OceansideBoy760 Reply


    C Bleezy Reply

    BuToWavy I was thinking the same. We need depth

    Anthony Reply

    Lol, Phillips is a solid safety no need to.

    BuToWavy Reply

    Anthony Not Jenkins tho


It was just good to see Derwin in good spirits, that’s a solid dude… go boltz!!!

Marcos Ballesteros Reply

Derwin James aka swervin lanes

Sh3rd Jordan Reply

You know football is family when a player goes down, and your heart hurts for them…⚡

    SoCal619 Chargers Reply

    Damn I felt bad when he got hurt. Especially having the season he had last year.

SDLivin1904 Reply

Man I’ve missed not seeing him on the field and in interviews, hope he has a speedy recovery but stays healthy


    He’ll be back very soon bro. For now, We got to enjoy and Win football games

B Reply

Get ready for playoffs Derwin!

Mitchell Hanson Reply

Love how Casey is in the back. LMAO always running the mouth, sayin: damn y’all talking to DJ.? He dint even play.!!😂😂😂. BOLT UP☇☇☇

    SoCal619 Chargers Reply

    Casey was good during his 10 int’s . He gets burnt a lot

C Bleezy Reply

H.I.P. Heal in Peace !!!✌️ Prince 🤴🏾 James

CrimsonSoldier Reply

Speedy recovery Derwin. You the heartbeat on D

Shokase Reply

Get Healthy DJ ! Stay Hungry…. 💯👍

Sir Michael Silver Reply

Title quote then hearing it from James, deep. Godspeed on recovery. Bolt Gang ⚡️

Craig Street Reply

Get right!! This man has “it” not since 55 has this team had a player like this.

Fresh Hawaii Reply

He looks like a franchise player the way he maintains his involvement even while rehabbing from injury. Talent and maturity on another level. ⚡️

kry sohard Reply

gonna be a long season without you buddy we gonna be 10-6 if our d plays like it did vs the colts smh

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