Derrick Henry’s Big Day w/ 159 Yds & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Tyler Miller

Change the title I believe it is KING HENRY!!!!


Shoutout to all the analysts that thought we were gonna get smashed lol. Browns ain’t ready yet.

    Cam Steele

    Every FF analyst said “Don’t start Henry this week”. I listened and I payed for it. Everyone thought that the browns would smoke the Titans.

    Chas X

    @Cam Steele smoked on the first series 😉

Dwight K. Schrute

Right where he left off


I guess baker mayfield didn’t wake up feeling dangerous 😅😂

    aaron berhane

    CCD chill 😂😂

    Joey Freshwater


Curtis 23

Monster game. From D Henry

Loyal Philly fan

Derick Henry starting this season the way he ended last season looking like that hiesman winner we saw at bama

    Loyal Philly fan

    Xavier Tinnon yes I agree in his nfl career he’s never been able to get the carries. At Alabama I remember they handed him the ball like 40 times and he almost got 300 yards.

    L G R W

    Loyal Philly fan Henry just punishes the defense, it wears them out his play usually gets stronger as the game goes on

    aaron berhane

    Loyal Philly fan they should trade Dion Lewis so Henry can get more carries

    Ace K

    He’s a bruiser round 4th quarter he breaks a long one #RTR

ReallyDawg kamaro

Guess who accidentally picked him in fantasy

    Brooks Broox

    you don’t deserve him… #auto-draft

ronnie banik

Damn they said Cleveland was supposed to be dominate. How many weeks till OBJ starts throwing Ab temper tantrims?

    Boo Kalifa

    ronnie banik next week lol


    Haha you can call them OBJ tantrums, he’s done it enough himself lol

Greg Burton

Did y’all see how smart the LT was to bend down to get out of the passing lane on that screen 😮 0:23


    Whoa! Great job for Dennis Kelly!

    Paul Cardenas Anderson

    Smartest olineman I’ve seen in a while

    Kiran Trivedi

    I wish my madden players did that

The Original American

Ezekiel Elliott has nothing on Derrick Henry

    Day Be Trippin



Big Henry looking like he wants 2019 Rushing Title!

Nick From Wii Sports Resort

Good thing he on my fantasy team

Xavier Tinnon

He just be gliding out there. He so Smoove when he touches the ball

Dr Phot

Here for the comments… You know what it is!

360 Cam

Why he don’t got arm bar in madden again 🤦🏾‍♂️💯


Derrick Henry is Always fun to watch!

Chris D

I’m glad I didn’t listen to all the fantasy “experts” that said to bench him.

Future Society Of Gentlemen

I should not be shocked, but Henry is one of the few big backs who kept their speed.

Marty McFly

Derrick Henry be looking like Juggernaut when he run 👀

    Ace K

    Marty McFly he’s the size of Julio at rb🥴

Swedish American

Too bad there wasn’t another quarter to play because Henry would have had 200 yards rushing. He was starting to blow up that Browns defense.

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