Derrick Henry: Just Taking It One Game at a Time, Focused on What’s in Front of Us – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bl00dwerK Reply

Gonna have to get these two signed, long-term. Draft some offensive line help early. EARLY. That interior is trash.

    Evil Duck Reply

    Imagine Henry with a good O Line might get 2,000 rushing yards

    Damien Morgan Reply

    Yep…we need O-LINE HELP ASAP!! other than that we Gucci!

    Randy Porter Reply

    Bl00dwerK Ryan Tannehill has changed the entire complexion of this team. Tannehill is playing his a** off too. Henry has come alive, but he’s getting the carries finally. I would love to see what Henry and Tannehill both could do, if defenses were blocked occasionally, or at least “inconvenienced”. You said it right though, SIGN THESE TWO ! – This was a huge win !

    joseph joseph Reply

    We should get a center in the 2nd or 3rd and have Ben teach him next season. Ben is really smart he just isn’t so physically talented. Davis could be a good lineman if he could pass block better which could be improved in year two. Saffold is just disappointing, really expected him to help this team

Evil Duck Reply

The only problem with your game Henry is fumbling gotta hold on to the ball still a beast tho

SlickRick Reply


Tennessee Twist Reply


Bryce Johnson Reply

Pay. This. Man.

Damien Morgan Reply


AJ Breezy Reply

Gotta get rid of the ball Tanny, can’t keep taking sacks. GG tho😅!

    bb Reply

    O line needs to give him more time. Look at Brady last night. You can only do so much. If no one is open.

    AJ Breezy Reply

    Two of those sacks was definitely on Tannehil ..

Randy Porter Reply

Hmmm, the critics don’t seem to mind the “gamble” that Vrabel took during this one, on 4th down. Fans are loving having this “new-feeling” team, with Tannehill at the helm. Ryan is doing a great job, in spite of the sacks. As for Henry, I always thought jockey’s were small and lightweight. Apparently not. We watched Henry ride the ponys today until they dropped ! Congrats guys, this was a HUGE win !

breaktube Reply

Wait…why are the members of the special teams not up here ?
Not only did they block the FG’s…they made TD’s out of them !!
Special Teams need a bonus and raises after that game

Master Jedi55 Reply

King Henry is an absolute beast of a football player but he is so humble and bashful, LOL. MVP for our team all season!! TitanUp

Sierra Harrison Reply

love! 😝

Michael Wyatt Reply

It was amazing game I hope we keep playing like this and hopefully the Super Bowl One game at a time guys

Thomas Thompson Reply

Can you guys please try to get a mic facing the reporters PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. most of the time these videos make no since if you cant hear the questions

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