Derek Carr’s Clutch Night, Throws 21/26 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Derek Carr’s Clutch Night, Throws 21/26 | NFL 2019 Highlights

Derek Carr comes out strong for Raider Nation, throwing 21 for 26 and 259 yards. The Denver Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Brandon Christopher Reply

The raiders actually played great football tonight smart football tonight I hope gareon Conley is healthy and does well

    DevastateOne Reply

    Thanks man, appreciate the kind words… It felt good watching things unfold the way they did

    Brandon Christopher Reply

    Always bro 👍👍

    Owen Owens Reply

    Y’all seen Derek Carr’s commercials??

    Daniel Ito Reply


Matt Pumphrey Reply

He looked real sharp, showed some 2016 flashes. Plus Waller looked real good too

    Daniel Ito Reply

    Yup i was kind of wondering about him because we throw a lot of TE routes, be he was impressive

    Matt Pumphrey Reply

    He really was, he’s everything you want in a TE, big fast and strong. He’s gonna be a staple in this new offense.

Raiders Cat Reply

Proud of DC! Dealt with negative mainstream coverage. Lost a friendship in AB but was still able to ball out for us tonight! Game vs Chiefs is gonna be a good gut check!! RN4L

    bigsmokiee55 Reply

    Raiders Cat on monday night national stage too. Been rooting for this guy since he was a rookie. Broke my heart when he broke his leg. So nice seeing him play well to start the season

Raikz Reply

That’s my QB! #RaiderNation #JustWinBaby

Salamence778 Reply

I hope derek carr shows up this year. I like seeing the best out of every player in the league, it makes football much more fun to watch. Good luck Raiders!

    Stay Limitless Reply

    Salamence778 thanks and he won’t disappoint

    Mike Johnson Reply

    Salamence778 you’re ld he always shows up

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa Reply

CARR stays clean=RAIDERS W!!

Leonel Gutierrez Reply

Carr has always been good idk what people been talking about

    quan Brooklyn kid Reply


    The Sloke Reply

    I’ve been getting hated in for defending Carr. Dude finished the year with 8 or 9 games without throwing a pick with geriatrics on his team and loads of dropped td passes. 70% completions is not easy to do regardless of the distance of the throws.

    johnhodges05221981 Reply

    I know it’s obnoxious hearing that he sucks from people

    Daniel González Reply

    i have never gotten the hate… People even compare him to tanehill and dalton, i think carr is easily two tiers above dalton, but people focus too much on wins, and the raiders have had nothing around him for 5 years, the one year they played better we went 12-4, and crumbled horribly without him.

    The Sloke Reply

    @johnhodges05221981 exactly this is the same guy in the mvp discussion in 2016 when his line actually protected him. Also the same guy that James Jones said had reminded him very much of Aaron Rodgers. In 2017, Cooper and Crabtree led the league in drops. In 2018, Jordy Nelson was Carr’s best WR, in a new system, and under a new head coach. Not exactly the recipe for a monster year.

Wayne King Reply

Gruden knows what he is doing. Gave Carr some weapons and is getting that defense on point all due to the Mack trade and Mayock……. about time hope we can keep it up.

    Noyahr Reply

    Calm down now buddy

    Wayne King Reply

    @Noyahroh yeah way too early but its nice to see them look good. Been waitn on them since Gruden was fired the first time.

    Noyahr Reply

    Wayne King I agree

    Baste GOD Reply

    Still got the Bears 1st next year too. That’s even more ammo they can add to either side of the ball

    Civil Thinking Reply

    The real story is how well our offensive line played despite playing the 2nd string guards. Broncos d line is very good and they got dominated. Looking forward to incognito and Jackson

2freakydalibra BestAtWhatIDo Reply

What hater disliked this hate football

Raider Nation Reply

Wait till we get both of our starting guards back🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jukes FFB Reply

    Undea Khann You’re clueless

    Andrew Gonzalez Reply

    @Ty Nao not really lmao broncos beat brady to get to superbowl 50 all we would have to do is play like tonight except better against them in playoffs

    Logan King Reply

    That is what I said. Josh Jacobs Having Hudson, Jackson, Incognito, Miller and Brown blocking for him! You think he did well with 110+ yards and 2TD’s against Denver. Just wait.


keep DC upright he will deliver, Trent Brown completely shutdown Von Miller, big time upgrade.

    Marcus Rosselli Reply

    CK_IDGAF truth!!

    Baste GOD Reply

    Yeah he held it down. Von actually said Trent Brown was the best right tackle he played against when he was in SF.

    Chase Reply

    Don’t forget Kolton shutting down Chubb. And then the two back up guards shutting down the interior d line.

    Brad Lamb Reply

    Even Miller did great on Chubb

Andrew Cota Reply

I smell 2016 Carr

    washannin Reply

    Andrew Cota even better no doubt😈

Pancho Villa Reply

Did chubb or von play tonight? O line was locked 🔒 in!

    Jose Puga Reply

    Well besides the false starts.

    Mitchell Vang Reply

    The only way to beat Miller/Chubb is quick throws in which what Carr did

KickLikeLee Reply

Watch 9ut for Trent brown raiders fans he is great just watch his side carr will never be touch on his side because of Trent brown pass blocking. Ask von miller about brown, I did not like when my 49ers let him go.

Andrewohh Reply

Give a man some time and the quality will show. That’s my QB!

    Marcus Rosselli Reply

    Andrewohh his touch was on his deep balls was on point tonight

    Logan King Reply

    @Marcus Rosselli Waller and Williams got to be happy.

Zain Rayza Reply

Gotta give the credit to the O-Line too. Chubb and Von Miller got shutdown by them the whole game. Kudos to those guys!! #RaiderNations

    Jo2ukeHigashikata - Reply

    Zain Rayza this gives me hope for when we go against Mack

    Edgar Ordorica Reply

    And we’re not at full strength, wait until we are once Gabe and Richie come back. Something to look forward to

    Andrew Gonzalez Reply

    @Edgar Ordorica we get incognito back before we play the bears too

    HAIRCUT Reply

    It’s Raider Nation. No “s” at the end.

Kevin Newville Reply

I always thought DC was underrated. The Raiders look good. Josh Jacobs is a beast!

    Marcus Rosselli Reply

    Jacobs and Abram both are PHYSICAL!! Great draft picks by raiders

    Mitchell Vang Reply

    I love the way Abram played because he’s such a violent hitter, so expect a few more PF through out this year

Curtis 23 Reply

Business is booming. John Gruden team is looking good.

Deaareon Morris Reply

Stop sleeping on DC he’s going to wake y’all up.😤

    JuJoIp Reply

    I totally agree people have been hating on DC

سلیم کہاں Reply

Raiders still have some of the coolest uniforms in league.

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